Ride One of 2017

Last night I hopped on Annie for my first ride of 2017. Thank you weather for FINALLY cooperating. She was ah-mah-zing. Like seriously a total rock star. I don’t know if some time off rebooted her gerbils, the Loreak made her feel like a goddess, or maybe it was my Majyk dressage boots but whatever it was I will take it.

Annie is a pretty steady eddy type for the most part. She can be opinionated but I can get on after not working her for weeks and know that while it might be a little exciting she will still be mostly grounded. I was not expecting her to be so soft and willing though. The combination of having no expectations and actually putting my leg on seems to have worked… Interesting. Maybe the $$$$ of lessons and clinics are starting to pay off.

Rarely do I get on Annie after multiple weeks off and have a ride like last night. I took a minute last night to think about where we were this time last year and I can’t believe how much my little ginger has grown up. After that ride I started scouring the USEA omnibus to figure out what our debut event would be. I am still trying to decide that one but I can tell you that I am really really excited to get out and about.

img_1825.jpgWho wouldn’t be when they will have rainbow spurs to seal the deal? Who else is planning out their first show of the year?

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  1. Sounds like Annie is growing up right 🙂 My first show will hopefully be the first weekend of March … my riding the fist two weeks of 2017 has been spotty at best because of weather and feeling under the weather (ugh, stupid half-pun, sorry)

  2. I made a whole Google calendar of shows on the calendar this year. Not all ones I want to go to, but all the ones I would consider going to. That way I can see them all laid out across the months and how they fit in with one another. So yep, I’m thinking about it! I will probably delay until March though, because everything is bound to be rained out through Feb…

  3. Your saddle is lovely and I’m glad you had a good ride!

    No show plans for me. Mainly I just want to ride someday. I hate winter. This weekend we’re supposed to get some treacherous ice storm, so the only planning I’m doing right now is how I’m hopefully not going to die. Then freaking out about my horses since they live outside and they’re 15 minutes from me and how if it’s an ice-pocalypse, I probably won’t be able to make it there. Ugh. Sorry for rambling.

  4. I really need some rainbow spurs in my life! I only resisted because I use rowels. Hopefully (well, not for the sake of my bank account), they start adding different types of spurs soon.

  5. I am SO jealous. I wanted one but alas new farm means not in the budget, so I settled for an older Amerigo. Some day!

    Were shooting for Spring Bay but alas, weather guy is thinking we’ll have a super cold February and March, so I am not 100% sure M (and I) will be fit enough. Fingers crossed!