Internet Horse Shopping

I think that in this day in age most of us use the internet for our horse related searches. Recently a friend has decided to start horse shopping. If I thought horse shopping was annoying with my budget looking for an un-started well bred jumper filly it gets even more irritating when you actually want a trained horse. Annie wasn’t the easiest to find but she was also more of a gamble as right off the track filly and a much lower price point.

I am not really sure how posting an ISO add that specifically outlines a budget, training requirements, and size can be so hard for people to understand…

wordsmouth35k does not mean 60k. Under 12 years old does not mean 14 – I actually had to change the ISO so people would stop sending me 14yos…. And must be 16.3hh + definitely does not mean 16hh. Why is this so hard to comprehend???

Disclaimer that I wish was common courtesy… Please do not send me information about horses that are too expensive, too green, too old, too small, or all of the above though…

maybe-listenAll of that said this is our ISO…

ISO Training Level Packer – $35k MAX
16.3hh+ . 10yo and UNDER . Mares and Geldings are fine . Warmbloods only. No Drafts/ Draft Crosses or pure Thoroughbreds.

Rider is over 6ft tall and needs a large horse that takes up a good amount of leg. Horse needs to be safe and amateur friendly with no serious maintenance or vices. Must be able to hack out alone and in company. A lead change is a must.

USA or CAN only – no imports

sheldonstoplistenIf you know of anything that might fit the bill please send it along.

Do any of you all have similar feelings about the horse shopping or even selling process?

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  1. Yeah, people stop reading at the title it seems. I work in an industry where we are trying to find animals homes. We list all their info, including sex, age, temperament. And I swear that at least daily people comment on the post asking information that is clearly stated.
    Good luck with the search! Sounds like she could find a really great horse at that budget, especially since mare/gelding don’t matter.

  2. People don’t and/or can’t read. It’s pretty obnoxious. Hopefully the right one will turn up for your friend!

  3. I always like a little wiggle room in my ISO ads bc sometimes the perfect horse is most but not all of the check marks 😉 if the horse matched every requirement but was 12- would go and look. Price just a little high? Most people negotiate … draft cross or full TB? Depends on the horse…some draft crosses and full TB’s look like warmbloods… but if someone sent me an advert for an 18 year old 16h OTTB that has never been above novice- hell no crazy person!!! Seriously did you not read??????

    Good luck to your friend!! Hope she finds her perfect horse!

    1. Understandable however the ISO was written to factor in some of those things.

      Price is understandable but I don’t know many people that will negotiate from 60k to 30k very often etc. My bigger issues are with totally informing the price and size. Which isn’t just because this person likes big horses but because they are tall. I hope she finds the right horse too!

    1. Yes yes very much agree- if your horse fits the ISO on most aspects but is close to the others then that’s one story but I’d be annoyed too if people kept sending tiny 15.2h horses my way or ones that are waaaaaaay over budget… I’d be really wary of someone who sold a 60k horse for 35…

  4. I’m trying to sell my gelding. I put ALL the details in my ad, and I have video. Yet the selling process makes me want to scream. He’s a nice, safe fellow that is exactly what I am advertising him as…so no, the $5k horse that is elegible green does not have auto changes…sigh.

  5. Lol, I find I always shrink my parameters for an ISO, so that those people who try to stretch it still hit the target. I could get if you didn’t out rider height, because a pot of 16hh horses could take up the leg of a fairly tall person, but 6ft is different. I’m trying to find a trade. Which brings about thinks like, “hey want my unregistered, green, awkward, trail pony to trade for your made, pretty,h/j registered horse”? Well your asking for the same price as me, just minus a zero, so yeah totally equal! Good luck to your friend.

  6. The one time I had a horse for sale advertised online, I was contacted almost daily by people looking for a free lease. I finally got him sold the old fashioned way by word of mouth and networking.
    I hope your friend has some luck and finds a great match!

    1. Yeah word of mouth is good. I have used extreme internet stalking/ sleuthing to find my horses. Luna wasn’t listed anywhere she was just on the small breeders FB and I inquired. Annie was a DreamHorse find 🙂