My Sidekicks

A good barn dog is a constant riding companion and friend. I wouldn’t trade Sonny or Bear for anything. It is a very rare occasion that I end up at a show or going to the barn without them. This past weekend was no exception. All of the shepherds got to go on the adventures since Katherine also has a GSD (Bears bigger older darker twin)! I have to say that traveling with them beats traveling alone any day! When you have a dog that is horse savvy, has a good recall, and sleeps in the car it is a no brainer to take them with you when you are able. 🙂Do any of you guys have furry side kicks?

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  1. Furry sidekicks are the best. 🙂 We have three dogs, but only one in particular travels to the barn. He’s not the most horse savvy, but my horse ignores him so it works. He’s also a chihuahua, so would be very easy to break.

  2. Both of mine are sidekicks, but in different ways. Pascale is the best barn dog, but she’s a pretty nervous traveler. When it comes to weekend trips, you can’t beat Eliot. He’s perfect in the car, used to hotels and very well behaved in his old age.

  3. Love your puppies! I’ve always wanted a shepherd, and your’s is a lovely one!

    My two creatures are the best companions. They’re old hat at going to stores with me, hanging out on patios at city restaurants, running with me on city streets and wild trails, going on trail rides, and sleeping in the car for hours and hours at a time. Sometimes I think they look forward to me being at work, just so they can get some peace and quiet! Ha!

  4. I’m hoping that Kona will become like Bear and Sonny — a great barn and show dog. We have a few obstacles to overcome, but with time and training I think it’s possible!

  5. I love my (six) dogs, but none of them are good barn dogs. I had a lab as a kid who was the BEST barn dog. Someday I’ll have another good barn dog!

  6. My pugs aren’t horse dogs sadly. P loves the horses, but is not smart around them and will get herself killed. Artie is afraid of them and barks any time he sees a horse. For as long as it’s in front of him. Which can make for a very long day at the barn.
    Unrelated: your truck is the exact twin to my last truck Bruce! Same bottom color and everything!

  7. I’m working on it with my pup. His biggest problem is that he hates to be alone. While he’s distractable and always toodling around in the barn he does like to be by me so never wanders far. The problem is when I ride we cry like a baby and are in hysterics the entire time. Fingers crossed he figures it out eventually!

  8. My dog is a genuinely atrocious barn dog, but she is lovely at many other things! She is excitable and high-energy and scent-driven and has a really really terrible recall. As in, no recall. As in, every single time she’s ever gone off-leash she has headed for the hills like greased lightning. sigh. Maybe my next dog will be a barn dog!

  9. Gee I wish I had a dog! Unfortunately I can’t get one right now… I take my horses for walks and pretend they’re massive puppies instead..

  10. You are blessed to have well-behaved, barn and horse savvy dogs! I’ve taken mine to the barn before (separately). One is skittish around the horses and tries to eat all the poo, the other one jumps around and barks (and he’s the mellow one at home). Too much drama. . . maybe if I had started them as puppies. . .

  11. Awww! Your pups are adorable! We have 4 dogs (2 English setters, 1 lab, and a cavalier King Charles spaniel puppy). Technically, they are all barn dogs since we live on a farm, but the Cavalier is my horse show dog and general travel companion. He’s wonderful in the car and on planes. He’s already been on many horse related trips since I got him last fall and he’s getting ready to ride with me to Wellington this weekend. I travel so much and it’s nice to always have a buddy with me 🙂

  12. Ahh I want a dog so badly! I keep asking my roommate if I can steal her dog to bring to the barn sometime, but she’s a nervous little creature and I suspect the horses would terrify her…Someday I’m gonna get myself a big ol’ mutt to hang at the barn with me.

  13. I wish Oscar was better at the barn. He’s such a scent hound and once he gets in that mode, his recall isn’t there.

    He’s also terrified of loud noises so a horse banging on a stall door gives him the shakes. 😪

  14. I have the best barn dog ever 🙂 she goes everywhere with me and when I just had her she preferred to stay in the car instead of at home. Now she’s got 5 other sisters (husband had 4 dogs and we got 1 together) and she’s fine at home but is always up for an adventure!!! Though she is a terrible show dog. She dos not like being on a leash and whines the whole time. She behaves at shows but would much rather run around then be contained. So Jello stays at home for the shows since it’s easier than listening to her complain all weekend!

  15. I couldn’t agree more! While I am not sure my puppy Siri will be making the trips with me until she is a little older and less likely to take off, my old girl Stella has proven to be the BEST show dog.