Thinking About Rolex 2017

img_0325.jpgAmanda ($900 Facebook Pony) and I were chatting earlier this week about Rolex. Living just one hour from the KHP for quite a few years going to Rolex was always on the table. When you don’t have to get a hotel or travel too far it’s really quite affordable IMO.img_0316.jpg

As of now I think Amanda will fly into Nashville and we will road trip to Lexington. So far we have scoped out tickets and I have tentatively begged Kristen (Fall Line Farm) to let us bunk at her house – more shopping money and a prime location what what?! We have also discussed the possibility of Air BnB as well.

I usually like to scope out the warm up andΒ shop on Thursday or Friday (depending on if I go all 4 days). This gives you the chance to see some of the action but most of all the vendor fair which is seriously unreal. BUY ALL THE THINGS!


For cross country day the primary goal is usually to stay dry and thankfully my awesome sauce family friends usually hook me up with a couple passes for the Land Rover XC tailgate (Yes Please!). Stadium is one of the only days that I like to buy a seat for but I never spend that much if avoidable. Last year was the first time I spent a bit more on a ticket and it was still very reasonable. Provided you don’t sit in any of the crazy sponsor tents you can do it affordably.img_0357.jpg

So who else is going!? What are your favorite things about Rolex for those that have gone? Please let us know if you will be there so we can have a meet up!




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  1. I want to go SO badly and have for years… but with the impending wedding next fall this definitely isn’t the year. Hoping to make it in 2018 πŸ™‚

  2. Hope to see you guys there and we have plenty of room (and wine) at FLF πŸ™‚ I have a list of my Lex favs I can send you and Amanda too πŸ™‚

  3. Yay! I will be there working again, so I’ll be running around like a crazy person with a camera, but y’all will have such a fantastic time! With no championship happening this year, I think we will see a really competitive field!

  4. I’d love to make another trip back to Rolex, I just don’t see it being in the budget. The two times I have been I have road tripped, but most of my horse friends I would have gone with live in other parts of the country now.

    I love the trade fair and XC day.

  5. We have went the past 3 yrs – love, love, love! Unsure if going this year – depends on dressage camp dates. Shopping is the high lite for me – photo taking on XC day for hubby. We also enjoy going to favorite places nearby for dinners – Red State BBQ is a must go to and Galvin’s in downtown Georgetown.

  6. I have been thinking about Rolex my self for like three years! I just got a new job so we will see if I can swing the time off… it seems like it might be a bit less fun if you can’t take excessive advantage of the vendor fair!