10 Pts In Pictures


For the first time in the 9 months that I have been eventing Annie I actually left the ring this weekend on her thinking that while it had it’s hiccups this would be the test that got us out of the vicious last place cycle and scores over 40. When I signed up for MayDaze I totally underestimated how green Annie was. While she was generally rideable we lacked any finesse – which you are probably thinking “duh” because she was so green. Slowly but surely we have been making progress but as with most things it has been a 1 step forward 2 steps back. Below you can see the progression of our dressage tests the past 9 or so months…IMG_2945

Always room for improvement but I am still very pleased with where we are starting 2017.

May Daze May 2016 – 47.8IMG_0386IMG_0399

River Glen June 2016 – 47.50RiverGlen_0571RiverGlen_0573

Between every show it would seem that I had improved on one aspect or another only to lose something in another and then we would go into the ring and the wheels would fall off. We would have small moments of greatness and then large moments of just BLAH. This resulted in consistent scores in the 40’s. I would shed a couple points and then next HT gain them back in different areas. Like for example when Annie refused to pick up the right lead and I rode her like a motorcycle through every canter circle…

Chatt Hills July 2016 – 42.30LCP_4432LCP_4430

River Glen August 2016 – 45.00rght3816_3946rght3816_3950

Feather Creek October 2016- 47.3 – I unfortunately do not have any pictures but it was pretty much more of the above with some extra points due to me having an error in my test. This year I really want to reduce the stupid points due to geometry and errors!

Poplar Place February 2017 (schooling) – 38.25Poplar-RiverBirchTeam-26Poplar-RiverBirchTeam-30 While this weekend was after all just a schooling show the scores that I received for various elements of my test reflected how I felt the test rode. We had far less bracing and hollowness and even when I got nervous it didn’t totally destroy or dictate our test. By riding Annie more effectively with my seat and leg I was able to I know that if I really buckle down we will be able to get more competitive.

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