Current Wanties

Yesterday Karen posted about a style/wardrobe wish list. I have pretty much all of the things that I “need” when it comes to the horses. All 3 have brushes, blankets, boots, etc. I have a plethora of tack, breeches, and riding boots. That doesn’t mean that a girl can’t have grabby hands though!

missshield First up is a Miss Shield. It might not be practical and probably is a bit diva ish for eventing land but that does not change anything for me. Given the price tag I don’t see myself splurging on one of these bad boys anytime soon. I will continue to lust after it though.

aquaxI got to see the Ovation Aqua X Lightweight breeches that Amanda reviewed in person (Lauren speaks highly of them too!) this past weekend. I am even more intrigued by them than I already was. I definitely don’t need another pair of breeches but at their reasonable price I might have to take the plunge. Another not so pricey wardrobe addition that I would like to make is some YoungKWPN-NA garb. I recently joined the group and even before that having bought Luna I thought it would be fun to get my hands on some KWPN garb. I still haven’t made the order but one of these days I will get a hat and shirt.

thinlinePractical me would like to try the ThinLine Gatorbootz and see if they work for the red dragon. She pulls boots like she a fiend. I HATE pulling off boots before dressage and it is even worse when the special ginger has to wear two on each foot. These seem really durable and easy to take off. They are super expensive for bell boots though. Anyone have first hand experience with these bell boots?invictusNot so practical me knows that I don’t need another half pad but I really want to try the Invictus half pad. I have to admit that what I have read is intriguing and a fellow blogger swears by hers. There is nothing wrong with my current set up but I am curious to see how the feel differs. Last up is something that I actually get to buy thanks to a Christmas present of a GC to BoyOBoy Bridleworks from the ever awesome $900 Facebook Pony. I am working with the owner now to design a navy and grey belt and cannot wait to see how it turns out.

What are some things that you all have been getting grabby hands over? Tack? Apparel? Any cool items you can share to make my list even longer?

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  1. I am a little sad that Samshields really don’t fit my head shape because those Miss shields make me a little faint.

  2. I got an invictus pad last fall for basically no reason and then have barely gotten to use it since. Hard to say much about it when a “big day” for me right now is trotting for like… 4 minutes… with walk breaks…

  3. I bought a Samshield last year and it’s lived in my house most of the time. It’s actually been ridden in 4 times. The first time I found it to be comfortable, the next 3 times I could barely wear it. I am going to try a different size liner, but it may be going up for sale. The Miss Shields are gorgeous helmets, but I think I may be going back to CO because they fit me a lot better. So…if you hear of anyone looking for a Samshield Shadow Matte (Size medium shell), send them my way.;)

    I really want to buy a saddle, a new helmet, some new boots for me and some for my horse. Nothing too crazy.

  4. So I just bought a bunch of things…Still on my wish list are more breeches in fun colors for schooling (I need to find used stuff), and a full set of Majyk Equipe XC boots in turquoise.

  5. I’m super grabby over Sundance Halters rainbow rope halter nosebands and rainbow braided reins right now. I don’t need reins, or a wither strap really (though I kinda need the latter, but it’s hardly urgent), but I WANT THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE RAINBOW.

  6. I recently had some indiscretions of the riding apparel variety… So there’s not too much left on the list of wanties. But one of those Boy O Boy belts is absolutely on the list!
    I just can’t get aboard the wide brim helmet bus though. I know everyone is loving them, but I think everyone who wears them looks like they can’t see where they’re going.