Go Big Or Go Home

Friday brought the vet out for spring shots/ teeth floating. Luckily things for the big horses were pretty routine. Remember last week how I asked how these creatures manage to maim themselves the way they do… Well it was apparently Luna’s turn to give me a panic attack. While the vet was out he looked at her because she has been a bit weirder than normal for the past couple days about being caught and wouldn’t even come to you for her breakfast and dinner willingly. She was acting very sore and didn’t want to bend/ flex her neck to the left. When the vet palpated her she was very tender. Dr. M was concerned that she might have injured her neck and also wanted to rule out infection. He started by pulling some blood and then we moved to xrays.I think that we ended up taking about 7 shots of her neck. Fortunately there were no signs of any fractures or immediate signs of compression to her spinal cord. Given the soreness we opted to treat with Equioxx for 7 days. If she is still acting as sore and unable to bend/flex her neck then she will have to go to the clinic for further tests. I have everything crossed that we don’t have to do that as I would really like to avoid a myelogram/ any needles being inserted into my baby horses spinal canal. Here’s hoping she just banged herself on something and the anti inflammatories will fix her right  up.

Her blood work came back ruling out infection but showing some other unrelated issues we needed to address due to a chronic parasite/worm issue that she had when I brought her home. It took three cycles to finally get her strongyle count lower and I hope that when we take another fecal and worm her next month we will be able to eradicate them. Unfortunately they wrecked some havoc on her system that was not apparent from the outside. She is now on a liquid vitamin and an amino acid supplement to help her get balanced at my vets suggestion. Hug your horses. For such big animals they are surpassingly fragile. My mind went to worst case scenarios and my only advice is don’t google when your horse is injured or unwell. I will know for sure at the end of this week if we need to go into the clinic for more tests. As of yesterday she was already seeming more like herself and showing more mobility and flexibility in her neck so let’s hope this upward trend continues. Have any of you had neck issues with your horses before?


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  1. Oh no!! Poor Luna 🙁 Henry had a very bad fall on the ice as a youngster and did need some chiro to sort him out afterwards. I hope your girl is 100% soon!