Schedule Making

After showing all over Area 3, parts of Area 8 and even a show in Area 5 last year I knew that I wanted to stay more “local” this year. By local I mean that I really don’t want to drive more than 6 hours to show. I know some of you might think that is just a quick jaunt up the road depending on where you are based but given where I am located I have a decent number of venues that fit the bill. Once I set that goal I went perusing the USEA omnibus and wrote down literally every show that I would consider attending in Area 3 or Area 8. Some are more than 6 hours away and others are much closer. There are tons of options though. I also wanted to know from the options which ones had the most affordable entry fees (ranges from 295 to 400) and I also calculated what my anticipated gas would be and camping fees if any that would apply. Camping for the win because holy batman would the numbers in the columns that you can’t see (that included the total anticipated cost) have WAY bigger numbers if factoring in hotels.After that I narrowed it down to what shows I would want to attend if I was to show each month (not super realistic but you know a girl can dream). Those shows in an ideal world would be:

  • March
    • Pine Top
  • April
    • River Glen
  • May
    • MayDaze
  • June
    • River Glen or
    • Mid South
  • July
    • Chatt Hills

It is important to note that showing in TN and GA in June/July is not for the faint of heart and if I am aiming to actually have fun I should probably avoid these shows like the plague… But still they made the list because I am not driving to Michigan or some other far away land.

2016aeclogoWhat shows I attend will vary largely on finances and then if we are aiming for AEC’s. I was really disappointed by how AEC’s went last year so I am not 100% committed to signing myself up for that little disaster. BUT it would be really sweet to qualify…

Another option that I have been throwing around is giving the ride to a local pro and campaigning Annie for the Young Jumper Championships…. But money yo. Lots of grand ideas – we will see what comes to fruition. Have you all started to plan your seasons out? If so what’s up next on the schedule?

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  1. My biggest fear of writing out my schedule would hitting “function SUM” on excel on that far right column. 🙂

    I really need to sit down and make mine up soon. I am trying to figure out if I want to do Spring Bay with M or wait until May Daze. Frankie will most likely do Paul Frazier and then we will play it by ear with mainly local stuff this year.

  2. I started to do this, realized that if I don’t show this year I could save up enough to buy a decent trailer and half a truck, and am now reconsidering all of my plans since relying on other people to haul legitimately costs almost as much as the total entry and stabling fees for each event. 0.o

  3. You should totally drive to Michigan! Won’t be nearly as hot and humid as TN or GA come summer…You could take The Gus for a spin…

  4. We don’t have a ton of options in our area, so I am pretty dedicated to scheduling early on. We will see how my mare recovers from her injury and when my schedule can take effect!

  5. I wish I could make a plan. Since everything was either too green or too lame to show last year (or both!) I have no idea what I’m going to have to work with this year… Hopefully this snow finishes melting soon, so I can get these nags working!
    I admire your spreadsheet and research!