Staying Busy

I think it is really easy to lose track of time when it comes to blog land. I am constantly finding myself losing time with other peoples horses. One day someone gets a new young horse and then the next somehow they are killing it in the show ring and I’m over here like oh yeah so and so has a green… errrr made horse. I think this even applies to my own horses. Somehow 5 years has gone by in the blink of an eye with Huey.

Lately the Hue-magoo has been staying busy as the jack of all trades. He is a dressage star by day with me (when I have time to ride him), trail rides climbs the natchez trace with my friend in the saddle, and most recently moonlights as a short stirrup pony moose… 

Five years ago when this dinosaur of a baby horse came into my life I had no idea things would be the way they are today. He might not have been right for my original goals but he certainly is worth his weight in gold. A has been on him once before and when her pony decided to be a stinker I knew that Houston would give her an easy confidence boosting ride. I swear he knows that she is smaller and takes his job of baby sitter very serious. That said little A is one heck of a pony jock and I knew she would take to riding Hue like a fish to water.IMG_3277I take a lot of pride in the fact that I have owned this horse for the better part of 5 years (with a couple gaps) and he has come from green as grass and is now a steady eddy. We went through plenty of growing pains for sure but now he is my go to guy. Huey can put smiles on everyone from a 9yo to a 60yos face. He can come out after a month of doing literally nothing and you can hop on and get the same dude you would get in regular work (minus the fitness).

I feel really lucky to have not just one but two of these types. Annie is obviously much greener but she still handles all of the different things that I throw at her like a more seasoned horse (except dressage because stooooopid). Do any of you guys have a “can do” horse too?

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  1. Riesling is my can do horse. Hes definitely not the made horse I expected, though. He doesn’t have flying changes, he doesn’t jump 3′. But I love where we are at now.

  2. Oh my goodness Houston has found his calling. He looks so happy and is so careful with her!

  3. That’s the cutest thing ever. EVER.
    Rio was my steady eddy. I miss showing him so much, because I knew once he walked into the ring, we just had to focus on the task at hand. Not like Jampy who I have to worry if he’s going to spook at who knows what. Or fall of his lead. etc etc. Rio even taught my step mom how to ride English after 20 plus years of not riding at all (and western only prior to that).