Weekend Wrap Up: Bear

This weekend our sweet Bear turned 1 year old! In addition to that I got to jump my friends young Berlin stallion. OMG so fun! He has a rocking horse canter and is a total blast to ride. Getting to ride him reminded me why I need to ride a variety of horses. Annie has a very very different way of going and if I want to continue to improve as a rider I need to get out of my comfort zone. You might be thinking that I own a variety of horses but since one isn’t under saddle and the other doesn’t jump I am not getting much experience on other horses over fences.

How often do you guys get to ride different horses? Try to do it as often as you can or stick to what you know?

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  1. Bear is so handsome! I know it’s not the right thing to do, but once I find a horse I’m comfortable with, i tend to stick with it. I’m also at an age where growing and competing aren’t my thing- i just want a fun, safe ride.

  2. I’m loving riding and jumping other horses while Siggy is out of commission!! I obviously wish the circumstances were a bit different, but every single horse I’ve ridden while he’s out of work has taught me something. Atticus of course, but even Annie and Bug. Every horse is a bit different and has their own tics, which I have no doubt will make me able to ride Sig more effectively whenever that gets to happen again 🙂

  3. Bear is so handsome! I try to ride other horses when I can, because like you said, it’s so good for you as a rider. But sometimes it’s hard to make the time. So worth it though, especially when you get to play with someone else’s fancy animal.

  4. Since my ponies live at my house, I don’t get to ride others too often. But I’ve recently found myself in a pit of self doubt when riding, so I’ve made a point to go take lessons on horses I don’t know. It’s helping SO MUCH! It’s not easy to find the opportunities, but it’s worth it to get more time in the saddle on something different than your used to. I think it helps me on my own horses too.
    Happy Birthday to Bear!