Holding Pattern

After Luna thought it might be fun to drain my bank account I got to thinking about what I really want this year. There are 2 plans that I keep bouncing between but regardless I want to improve as a team with Annie, keep Houston happy, and maintain a healthy baby horse (aka avoid all maiming incidences). Option A would be to take as many lessons as I can and to compete 1x a month or so in an attempt to get qualified for AECs in the fall. Option B would be a bit more laissez-faire with less structure and a more relaxed approach. Underneath all of this is a tentative goal to buy a house this year (potentially with land)!

Option B is the plan I am running with right now which luckily will lead to less panic about the majorly twisted shoe I found last night…

I am not paying the entry fees or associated costs for a competition like AECs (if I can even get qualified) if I can’t be competitive and until we figure out the magic recipe for improved flat work that is not happening – Colorado in 2018 anyone??? I am planning to take this month by month. If I can get the lessons and put in the rides I should still be to be making progress. Competition or not that will be satisfying. Where time and funds allow I will compete. For now given recent vet bills and work being crazy this means we will hang out at home. March and April I am writing off for the most part. Last weekend I had a great adventure going to the KWPN Annual Meeting and for now I am tentatively planning to go cross country schooling with Kristen on Good Friday in about a month. After that the next stop will be epic adventures at Rolex with Amanda!

All of these creatures are constantly finding new ways to keep me busy so there will surely not be a dull moment whatever we are doing! Tentatively planning to enter MayDaz if the stars align!


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  1. I don’t blame you one bit. My schedule is a bit balls-to-the-wall right now partially because I only got to do a few shows last year between work travel and the wedding and partially because, well Marcus is 18 and I don’t know how many seasons we have left. I hope many years from now he is still trying to make every.single.freaking. ride an event like he is right now but you never know. . Plus life sometimes gets in the way of best laid plans…

    See you in April! Ill have to message you about schooling-we have to fly out either that Friday night or early Saturday but I still plan to school before I head to the airport!

  2. Some years it’s all about horse shows, and others it’s more about progressing at home. Regardless, as long as you’re happy, that’s all that really matters!

  3. Plan B rules my life the last several years. It’s so hard for me to not make a plan to stick to. But horses… am I right? Hope that twisted shoe didn’t do any damage!