KWPN-NA Annual Meeting

img_3297I have made it no secret that eventually I would like to get into breeding. Buying Luna was not only a way for me to get a horse that is way nicer than I would be able to purchase as an adult but also a way to get a well bred filly that will hopefully end up being a lovely broodmare down the road.

Just like everything else with horses there are a lot of niche groups and there is a plethora of information. There are legitimately thousands of things to learn and read about. I think that most breeders or people end up falling into their breed/registry affiliation by chance or convenience. That is pretty much what has happened with me too.1454590_10201818111153522_1656274926_nWhen I bought Houston I had no clue about breeding. I heard a couple big names and didn’t really think much of it. Then I bought Annie and started to casually think about eventually breeding her when friends would talk about breeding plans. Even if I got an exact replica I would be happy. As one of my closest friends in Nashville breeds jumpers and is connected with the KWPN that was a naturally easy option for me. When I started to look for a jumper bred filly of my own I was not particularly picky about where the filly was registered but rather the bloodlines and/or performance of the sire and damline (although admittedly there are some that are known for being particularly lax that I avoided).

KWPN-NAAs I have started to meet more people in the breeding world and (even some awesome mentors) thinking about my future breeding plans I thought it might be cool to go to the KWPN-NA annual meeting. That weekend has finally arrived and I am about to spend 4 days geeking out at the annual KWPN-NA meeting. Basically a weekend full of horses, horses, and more horses! Do any of you guys have plans to attend any learning opportunities or fun spectating events coming up?

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  1. Have fun! Don’t let all those KWPN loonies get their hooks in you too deep. 😉 I’ll be at a FEH/YEH clinic all weekend!