Last Minute Plans

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I had entered my first recognized HT of the year and then promptly started to FTFO. As we are now less than 2 weeks out I hoped to get one more good school in before next weekend. Unfortunately there really aren’t that many local schooling opportunities. This left me looking for options in the 4 or so hour range.

Noooo touchy! 🦄💜🦄

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Lucky for me I was able to determine that one of my favorite venues, River Glen, is having a hunter jumper show this weekend. This way I could knock two birds out with one stone and get practice both in the arena and out. I was kind of bummed that it was looking like I would be making the adventure solo but then another opportunity opened up so I have some options!

Still shot because I am obsessed with her…

Originally I had planned to attend a Lainey Ashker clinic this weekend but I cancelled because Luna tried to break herself last month. When Lauren posted today about being able to get into a different group of the clinic I decided to reach out to the organizer again. As luck would have it there might be hope for me to attend the clinic after all. I have 2 great options and the weekend is sure to be a fun time regardless of where we spend it! Do you all have fun weekend plans coming up? Given theses two options which would you choose?

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  1. Clinic. My friend had a life changing experience at a LA clinic and can’t say enough good things about her experience.

  2. Either option sounds like a great weekend is ahead! I think your choice should be to which option you think will be more helping for your future competition? If you will only get instruction is you do the clinic I guess I’d be tempted to go with that.

    A friend and I are headed to Chicago to see Cavalia Odysseo this weekend!

  3. Tough choices! Can’t go wrong either way. You’ll walk away with great tools and good experience from both! But if the LA thing is a once in a blue moon opportunity I’d prob choose that! Can’t wait to hear what you decide!