Rider Review: Majyk Equipe ARTi-LAGE Tech Dressage Boots

I have now had my Majyk Equipe ARTi-LAGE Technology Sport/Dressage Boots for about 3 months. I have to say that I love them so much that it regularly crosses my mind to buy another pair. I already have arguably too many sets of boots though so I have been holding out.

ME blue Price: $89.95/pair from Riding Warehouse or save $40 if you buy 2+ pairs for $69.95/pair or $140 for a set of fronts and hinds.

img_1863.jpgReview: I have used a variety of sport boots. From your cheap Woof Wear Boots all the way to Valena or DSB brand and everything in between. I have owned so many I can’t keep track to be honest and none of them were really nice enough to keep me loyal to a brand or particular model.ME inside

Enter the Majyk Equipe sport boots. These boots are a game changer and honestly I expect nothing less from ME at this point. The fit is exceptional and they clean up like new (regardless of how frequently you clean them). I honestly find myself riding in them more often than not. No more fleece/wool lined boots for me. These boots hold up to all conditions and I know that will they protect my horses legs in daily work. If you have a horse that interferes or maybe just like to ride with a little bit of protection these are the boots for you. The technology that ME has invested in really pays off. From the outer binding to the double elastic there is nothing I don’t like about these boots.

Bottom Line: If you have been looking for an all purpose sport boot look no further. I really held off on these boots and I can confidently say now that whether you like bright or more traditional color accents there is most likely a Majyk Equipe boot for you. Annie tends to be rough on boots and herself and these boots have held up great. Definitely check them out if you are in the market – you won’t regret it!

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  1. I am such a bad horse owner. I never boot my horses unless we are jumping (not even every time-sometimes i want him to feel a rail to pay attention) or running XC.

    Those are really pretty though….

  2. I love mine too!!! Even took them out XC schooling when I first got them 🙂 Chimi hates restrictive boots so he’s not a fan of real XC boots so these might be our happy medium since they’re holding up so well in everyday schooling and I feel like they’re a bit more protective then the Woof club boots we usually run XC in