Weekend Wrap Up: Dog Stall Rest

This weekend was the first super low key weekend Kyle and I have had in awhile. I was farm sitting on Saturday. Naturally this meant that the weather had to go nuts including a 30• temp drop and snow. I was lucky that the horses already had blankets on from the night before though because switching blankets 900x in 24 hours is enough to make someone mad. Also it wasn’t quite cold enough for buckets and troughs to freeze *hallelujah*.

Unfortunately for Bear he became #balllessandflawless Saturday morning (thanks exquisite equine for the phrase). He now has to be on “stall rest” so to speak for a week and can’t come to the barn with me or play/run/jump at all. He was already beside himself yesterday so we will see how the rest of the week goes. On the horse front all of the creatures are good. I finally got to ride Annie yesterday and was also able to try out our new (to me) Trust hackamore. I will reserve total judgment for a few more rides but holy smokes it was like riding a different horse. Hopefully I will get to ride more this week but all of my barn buddies commented how much happier she seemed and how relaxed she stayed while we were jumping.

Any big weekend happenings for you all?

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  1. Bwahahaha, omg that hashtag! Dying.

    If Bear is ever missing he’s not at my house just saying 😜

    Glad you were able to have a low key weekend!

  2. I am house and dog sitting right now for 2 weeks. Bummer that your pup is out of commission for a bit. I am loving having my dog happy tired from all the play! Please do a review of the hackamore when you have used it a bit more!

  3. Stall rest for small animals is not easy. He looks super cute and happy in that donut though 🙂 Glad you had a nice ride this weekend!

  4. I just ordered my tiny dog one of those inflatable donuts. He has a hot spot or some other skin issue that he has eaten raw and he is very angry about the traditional plastic cone.

    Nothing horsey to speak of this weekend. Our weather got crummy again. My husband took our bird dog out to shed hunt (look for deer antlers) and she was happy and tired when she got home.