Rider Review: Strip Hair

Last year I went searching for another shedding/ grooming tool that wouldn’t be so abrasive. When I came across the Strip Hair product line I was intrigued and decided to give it a try. It is unlike any other tool I have used as it is made of a flexible rubber. I was hopeful that this tool would be better received and more useful on sensitive horses or on sensitive areas.

Price: $48 for the kit (some retailers sell individually)

1-StripHair-Large-1024x877 Review: I have to admit that initially I wasn’t a fan of this tool. I tried it out on my saddle pads first and was not impressed. It is a self proclaimed jack of all trades type of tool… but unless your horse is a yak I find that it is a bit hard to get satisfying results when using this as a shedding tool. It did essentially nothing for cleaning up my saddle pads but I do rather like it as a grooming tool now that I live in a land of sensitive mares.

@striphair Hard at work on the baby horses yak coat

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Not only did this tool keep Luna from wanting to kill me when I was grooming her – she is a delicate flower – it also helped with hard to reach or soft spots (legs, throat, nooks and crannys). My primary comparison is the SleekEZ tool which is probably one of my favorite shedding/ grooming tools around for both dogs and horses. While I still think that the SleekEZ is superior in removing caked mud or dead hair the Strip Hair will be my tool of choice for my more sensitive horses. Instead of shying away Luna was actually leaning into me running this tool across her. Annie and Houston don’t seem to be quite as opinionated about it but it did work just fine on both of them as well. striphair

Bottom Line: If you could buy just one of these at or under $15 I would say give it a try. I personally wouldn’t pay more than that and I think the kit is a bit unnecessary. I won’t be replacing my SleekEZ with the Strip Hair but they are both useful and will each maintain a spot in my grooming bag.

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  1. Glad to see this review. I’ve been tempted to buy this in years past, and the videos they share look crazy, but I haven’t been able to get behind that price tag! For that price I could have almost 3 lessons on my horse from the trainer I like, or a really nice dinner out for me and my husband, etc. I use an old shedding blade that I have no idea how it ended up in my possession but my guys aren’t sensitive and it works, so I’ll save my money. 😉

  2. I just can’t understand why people are paying $50 for a block of rubber! Great honest review, though. Those $4 pumice-stone-type grooming blocks do just as good a job, or you can just use a rubber curry comb on its edge to “pull” out the hair the same way the Strip Hair does.

    1. The reason I use this vs a pumice stone type thing or the strip hair is that it does work better for Luna who is more sensitive. And I hate the texture of the pumice one for myself. The curry on its edge isn’t a bad idea – Thanks. I didn’t pay $50 and I don’t think anyone else should either but I do think it can be useful for a smaller fee.

  3. Thanks for the review! I was interested in this, but it seemed pricey having not heard any first hand opinions on it. My more sensitive horse in the herd likes the sleek ez, so I’ll probably just stick with that.