Trailer Improvements

I have had my awesome sauce 4Star trailer for a little over a year now and it was time for it to go into the shop for maintenance. Considering how many miles I hauled last year I maybe should have taken it in sooner but here we are.

Since it would already be in the shop for that and a repair to the padding because of the WORST DOGS EVER I decided to add a few other features. None of these are necessities but I think will make the trailer even better than it already is. trailereyes

  1. Trailer Eyes Wireless Camera
    • For Christmas this year Kyle’s parents gave me a trailer eyes camera. Technically you can use this without it being wired but the 9V battery won’t last very long. I decided to have the camera hard wired so that I can use it on longer hauls. I am excited to finally get to see what is happening in the trailer when I am hauling.hayring
  2. Hay Net Ring
    • My trailer came with hanging mangers which can be nice but Annie is an aggressive hay consumer. I really like for her to have the hay in a net. Because of where the current hooks are I don’t have a great place to hang her hay net. Enter the above ring – any ring would do but I like the idea of being able to hook it up.buckethook
  3. Water Bucket Hook
    • A couple of friends have installed bucket hooks in their trailers. I figured it might be nice to have in mine as well and decided to “splurge” and get this model that is supposed to keep the bucket from tipping. I figured this would be useful for long hauls.4starlatch
  4. Interior Door Latch
    • After getting the truck tent I started trying to think of ways to camp for just one night without having to set up my tent. In came the hammock. Only problem is that my trailer has exterior latches on the escape doors – similar to those on a ramp – so that you can convert it to a box stall and not worry about the escape doors coming unlatched. This means that I cannot close the door from the inside when I am sleeping in there. I have rigged it a few times but with limited success. We will see how the latch works!

Have any of you added things that I am missing here? I might end up with a water tank sometime but for now that’s staying on the wish list. Next up will be tack room organization as I still haven’t ironed out a set up that I like.

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  1. Dumb question, but where do you put the bucket holder? is it for water during the trip or just when she is hanging out on the trailer?

  2. All good additions! I’m thinking about trading my Sundowner in for a custom 4 star next year. We had one at my college barn, and it was SO NICE! Anything you don’t like about yours?

  3. We actually own that camera system, but never had it installed. I should find it. The bucket holders are on my list, but for the outside of the trailer to provide water when camping. Also, if you want to save money, a bungee cord will keep your trailer doors shut from the inside. That’s how we close ourselves in when showering.