Naming Contest: Baby M

One month ago one of my favorite mares foaled out a huge handsome bay colt by Cornet Obolensky. Ava herself is by Balou Du Rouet and out of the full sister to Beezie Madden’s Judgement. She is a great mover and a super freak of a jumper. We knew whatever she had (colt or filly) would end up being top. When the little spit fire was born with 4 symmetrical white socks and a star/snip to boot it was the icing on the cake – no one was disappointed. Baby M has been home for a little over a month now but my BO’s are still all having a hard time settling on a good name for the spunkster. I thought that maybe some of you lovely people might have some good suggestions and so I am holding a little contest to win a couple of Riding Warehouse gift cards. See below for rules.cornet1 Because he will be registered KWPN the name needs to start with an M as this is the year of the M class. Otherwise the criteria aren’t too crazy… Minus the fact that we want it to be related to or somehow hint that he is by Cornet Obolensky. Please comment below on this post for a chance to win the first $10 GC.

  • Rules:
    • Related to or associated with Cornet or Obolensky
    • Starts with M

One random winner will also be selected to receive at $10 Riding Warehouse gift card – to enter the random drawing please follow the prompts below.
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Good luck – I am excited to see what you all will come up with.

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  1. Music Man, Musette, Musicology, Maestro Oblo, Maestro Cornet, Mezzocoro.

    And I think that’s all I’ve got. House show hangover brain says I’m done being creative. He’s amazing!

  2. Mellow Maestro and Majesty in B/ Majestic in B . Cornet’s have a bit of more of a mellow sound in comparison to a trumpet and is in the B key, if I remember my musicology/orchestra days correctly. ;P And Obolensky was a Russian royal family so the Majesty/Majestic bit!

    Such a cute colt!!

  3. Sorry, I’ll try to think of more regal names than Machobolensky Man, but I actually think that a take on “Macho Man” suits a cocky little colt!

  4. oh man…. options, lots of options – but for some reason i’m envisioning some strong-but-simple russian name lol. like maxim or maksim or something. i’m terrible at picking names tho lol…

  5. So I did some research on Obolensky, which was fun! The family is very old, dating back to early medieval Russia/Ukraine. Really interesting connection is that Prince Alexis Obolensky lived in the tiny, tiny town where I currently board my horse. Small world!

    Anyway, I propose: Mednye (brass in Russian, as in brass instrument – Cornet, or brass as in brave)

  6. I was going to suggest Maker’s Mark but it didn’t meet the second criteria. 😉

    Music of the Night. Minuet in C.

  7. This one is hard for me, but maybe Musicality? Or Melodious? Regardless, he sounds like he’s going to be fabulous.