RK3DE: Cross Country

best horse show dog evah

In an attempt to not get too repetitive I will keep this on the shorter side. If you want to read about how Amanda and I stalked Maxime Livio and made him write “I LOVE YOU BOBBY” on a poster head on over to The $900 Facebook Pony.

After busting literally my entire body the day before getting out of bed Saturday was a struggle. Amanda and I parked our butts in front of fence 9 and pretty much stayed there for the long hall. We did venture off course around lunch time for a blogger meet up. Unfortunately I guess there was a mix up because it was mostly just us standing awkwardly in front of the Dubarry tent. We waited 10 or so minutes then decided to give up and say hi to some vendors and grab lunch. This actually worked out beautifully and I think that this years rolex is the first year I haven’t been torrentially poured on for XC day. After legit stuffing our faces we high tailed it back to fence nine in hopes to get our front row seats back to watch Rocana tackle the wall!

We both pretty much only had eyes for MJ though so every horse before him was just a nice little opening act.

Well minus Matt Brown – that dude has some serious balls. He jumped it NBD with one hand. Props to you dude, props to you.

The general consensus from Amanda and I was that we literally never want to be galloping up to jumps this large because there would be a serious situation in our pants. I have a lot of respect for the riders that left the start box but I do question UL eventers sanity justtttt a bit. I don’t know how they do it.

After XC wrapped up there was a final blogger meet up at the head of the lake. It was nice to see everyone again (sorry to those that we didn’t get to see!) before Amanda and I hit up the trade fair again to stand in line (Bobby – you owe us big…) to get Maxime Livios autograph. One hilarious and creepy conversation later and Saturday was a wrap! All in all it was a great day. We saw the riders (read Michael Jung) we wanted to see, thoroughly stalked Maxime Livio, and then rebooted for the last day of the best weekend ever.


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  1. Agreed. I walked many insane UL courses with my sister at her shows…no gracias. Go for it, lil sis, go for it 😉

  2. I’m grateful for the copious media you two snagged at fence 9. That’s the only type of jump we didn’t witness on course.

  3. Aimee posted that the blogger meetup was changed from the Dubarry tent to the head of the lake after XC. Service was terrible though so maybe it didn’t go through? It was also pouring on us at that time. hahaha. Oh well, good to see you!

    1. Yep – she posted after we were already waiting but sounds like service was bad. Worked out for us anyways since we were able to take cover in the trade fair and we made it to the head of the lake 👍🏻 Horse show hangover still in full effect!

  4. I’m bummed I missed you guys at Dubarry. I arrived at about 11:15and since I was getting terrible cell service so I couldn’t message anyone. Ugh!

    I’m so with you. Those fences are way too big!

  5. I could never jump ANY of those cross country fences you all jump! Props to all of you, but especially these crazies.
    Seriously, reading all these recaps, it sounds like it really was the best weekend ever.