RK3DE: Friday

The horse show hangover is in full effect today. I am honestly not even sure where to start with all of the happenings of Rolex weekend. Amanda said it and I’ll say it again – this really is the #bestweekendallyear. Diving right in I am going to say OMG I never want to Rolex without a campsite ever again. Much to my dismay 2018 spots are already all booked up… Let the stalking begin though!

shopping for days


Friday was all about shopping and Michael Jung. I’m not going to say I didn’t care about anyone else but… I had eyes only for Michi and Rocana if we’re being honest. While Amanda and I waited to creep watch the warm up arenas we took in all of the vendors of the trade fair and sponsor village. I have to say that I was pretty impressed with the lack of purchases. I was honestly kind of underwhelmed this year though and have other priorities at the moment than buying all of the stuff. My favorite brands made appearances though and we of course had to check those out.

I loved getting to meet the genius behind Majyk Equipe boots and it further cemented why I love to support not just great products but great people behind great products. Thank you Beverly and Michael for being great supporters of the industry with your innovative products!

We also got to catch up with Pam from Mango Bay Designs in addition to the heart of Awesome Artifacts. My own Boy O’Boy belt was inspired by the Awesome Artifacts grey belt!

After we escaped the chaos of the trade fair we secured primo viewing of the warm-up rings. We could essentially touch Michael and Rocana if we wanted to – minus the getting kicked out of the park aspect… I have to say getting to see the behind the scenes so to speak was perfect. Incase all that wasn’t enough I was tricked into signing up for the RK-5K twilight run. Newsflash… If you literally never run signing up for a 5K might not be the best idea after 6 miles of walking and another 2 days to go afterwards. I am not a quitter though and while I did want to sucker punch Amanda numerous times I trucked on. I think I might already have amnesia though because while I do recall not having the best time I am not totally opposed to doing it again… Maybe its true when they say that eventers aren’t quite right! Next up CROSS COUNTRY DAY!

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  1. I wondered about that 5k idea in general. Like you said, no shortage of exercise while you walk the horse park for an entire weekend:)

  2. You were such a trooper at the 5k! Even if you kinda looked ready to kill the next person who asked if you wanted to do anything. Haha! Loved getting to hang out with you guys some!

  3. Sounds like SO MUCH FUN! I think watching the warm up ring is a lot more educational most of the time than the actual show ring.
    Nice work on your first 5K! I’m running one this weekend, and am only mildly more prepared than you were.