‘Ville Bound

Kyle and I are headed back up to Kentucky last minute for Derby. We both lived in Louisville for the better part of 10 years and are no strangers to the experience. I haven’t been in several years though and Kyle and I have never been together. 

There are wide ranges in the fun you can get into. Some people prefer the more laid back infield and others will dress to the nines regardless. Sure it’s a horse race but half of the fun is the people watching and seeing all of the crazy fashion that pops up.

When my parents ended up having tickets that they couldn’t use it was a no brainer for us to make the trek up. Not only do we get awesome tickets to watch the biggest race that takes place at Churchill but we also get to spend time with Kyle’s parents as well. 

Admittedly I haven’t followed the contenders at all this year except the one eyed horse Patch. Aside from TB bloodlines and their place in sport horse breeding I have limited knowledge. Now that we are going though I have I need to spend a little bit of time looking. In addition to scurrying to find a dress and fascinator!

Do any of you guys follow racing? Do you have a favorite for the derby? 

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  1. Enjoy!!! Sounds like you have good seats and will be under cover. Hoping the rain stays away for you! That sloppy track should make it extra exciting! Drink a Lilly for me!