Big Star Offspring @ Bolesworth


If you are a fellow breeding nerd you might have seen that a Big Star colt sold for £92,000 at the Bolesworth Elite Auction – holy moley! The colt in question is out of a mare named Tinka’s Serenade (Tinka’s Boy x African Drum) who competed under Billy Twomey at the ’12 Olympics in London as well as ’10 WEG Kentucky.

Tinkas Seranade
Of course I felt it necessary to point this out to Kyle… His first question was do you think you would sell Luna for that much? (Disregard that Luna is not worth that much and not out of a mare that had a successful top sport career). I am not totally insane so my first response was an enthusiastic yes… Then I made my contemplative face with some sighs and Kyle said you know what nevermind… Lets not go down that path. HA! He is a keeper.

After a few seconds Kyle then pointed out that this is how I broached the initial purchase… Oh look what a great investment this is… So and so “could” be worth this much one day… This list goes on. Maybe I do this because it makes me feel better? Now naturally I know that horses are literally the fastest way to a small fortune — if you start with a large one! It is fun to think about my horses potential value even though history proves that I am not very good at selling them!

Any fun comparisons that you guys make?

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  1. Hubs and I had a similar conversation when I got Whiskey.
    “So, after you get him trained, you could sell him for more money?”
    “….But you’re not going to, are you?”

  2. My trainer and I have discussed how, when and how much to increase the insurance premiums on Dante. He’s not double what I bought him for yet, but he’s definitely already increased.

    1. That’s another to consider. I don’t know what kind of justification you have to provide for that. I know I purposely insured Annie under a certain threshold despite her being worth more so I wouldn’t have to fight with them about why. When Luna gets undersaddle I will definitely have to investigate though.

  3. that spotted nose tho…. so cute! and yea i’m always blown away by what ppl will pay for yearlings, or pay for potential!

    i sometimes muse about charlie’s relative value from when i got him to now, and what would be the factors that most influence his market value. presumably for an ottb there are competing factors – age and body condition, vs experience, ability and training.

  4. Mine are mostly worth $0… (except the baby Badger!) When I told Dad I needed to cut the losses on on Romey, he thought for sure I had gotten him for free. Oh dad… if only.

  5. There was a pony in the barn whose full brother was for sale qualified for pony finals as a green pony for $20k. The pony in our barn had a ton of potential but they didn’t want to pay for training and now the kid has lost interest and he’s sitting in a field. Kills me to see that potential wasted

  6. My husband purposely doesn’t ask about any horse bills… I think he knows it would annoy him haha! He did get excited (similar to your situation) when I found Henry’s half sibling for sale for a lot of $$.

  7. I’m not in the resale game — I buy horses I plan to keep so for me personally, their value is moot except from an insurance standpoint. Guess I’m not a very fun person to play this game with, haha!