Camping Essentials

Much to my mothers shock I have grown to LOVE my horse show glamping set up. I was honestly surprised myself that I enjoy it so much but it is so convenient. Admittedly Rolex with the camper kind of ruined my version of glamping just a touch. I did want to expand on my horse show glamping set up though for anyone considering the truck tent/hammock trailer set up. I have now camped at pretty much every show or clinic that I have gone to in the past year (unless someone I know has AC and lives near by ha!) and I have been constantly improving my camping essentials list.yt45b_f

Thankfully before camping even entered the equation I had purchased a YETI cooler. Yes it’s expensive and you can totally make due without one but I personally LOVE having ice cold drinks and food available for days at shows. RTIC is a more affordable brand that I have heard great things about. In line with the cool products is the HydroFlask. hydroflask

Last summer a truck tent joined the team so that I could start camping at shows. This has now evolved into the addition of a hammock for 1 night stays. I was able to snag an Eno and I really like it. Very comfortable and doesn’t take up much space for storage. Side note: the fact that they make a hammock that supposedly 2 people can sleep in blows my mind.eno

Next up was the purchase of a nice sleeping bag. Enter the Kelty! Kyle convinced me to buy this as I had previously been making due with sheets and blankets.  Haven’t regretted it for a second and it works quite well to be cocooned in my hammock during the cooler months. kelty

Anything solar powered is awesome as well. Most of the time I pay for a primitive electric hook up because a fan is vital for summer time camping. Sometimes though I don’t have access and in those times portable or solar powered items are the bomb.

evapolarThe only thing that I kind of want to add is a portable AC cube called Evapolar. I think it would be boss to be able to plug in a small unit to keep myself from roasting in my trailer. I recently saw an add for it on IndieGoGo and I am debating if I want to splurge and invest in one. I don’t have any events or shows on the horizon so anything I purchased probably wouldn’t be used much this year. Do any of you guys that camp out of your truck or trailers have good solutions for the sweltering times of the year?

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  1. I’d love to add some sort of A/C to our camping set up, but we have yet to camp at a place where power was even an option and I have yet to find an A/C unit we could run off a solar/battery. I’ve debated getting a generator, but some of the places we camp don’t allow them because of the noise. We do have a little battery power fan which is at least better than nothing.