Pressure Off

Sometimes I need the barn to just be the barn. No expectations. Nothing to work on. No pressure. The past 2 or so weeks that is what I have needed the barn to be. I am not thinking about shows, stressing about our progress, or even committing to riding regularly. The barn is my happy place and with house stress and our pending move I opted to keep my trips to the farm low key. Sometimes the super special girls in my life have different ideas (Annie I’m looking at you Miss TriesToWalkOutOfHerShoes and DevelopsMysteriousFacialAbscess).Β Aside from some small bumps it has been working very well. I stayed out of the saddle when I knew that I couldn’t deal and instead groomed my horses, stuffed them with treats, and enjoyed some wine. It has been just what I needed but I am ready to get back into the swing of things once we move.

Fingers crossed we will be moving into the lovely below this weekend and all of the house buying drama and road blocks are past us. I hope to get back to regular programming next week! What do you all have going on? Anyone else been bogged down recently?

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  1. I’m in full show-mode, so riding outside of shows has been actually few and far between. Moiya is getting a nice break… I don’t think she minds no work but extra cookies!

  2. So bogged down. OMG. Between work and the personal life stresses, I’m on my last leg. I had a small lifeline dangled in front of me last night though, so I’m really hoping I’ll hear more about that soon. I’ve been trying to stay calm and not fret or be my typical type-A self about all of the stresses, but it’s getting hard to keep that calm after two straight months of it!

    I hope your move goes as smoothly as it can and you’re able to get back into the normal swing of things soon.

  3. What a crazy gorgeous house! I know exactly what you mean about barn time though- although I hated it when I couldn’t ride Rio, I really didn’t mind just going to the barn, grooming and grazing him, and deep cleaning things like tack and my trunk. Just being at the barn is food for my soul- saddle time isn’t exactly necessary!

  4. Beautiful home! Moving is the worst, hope it goes really smooth. I totally understand needing to just enjoy horses vs. chasing a goal…whether that’s for a couple weeks, or months, or in my case, years. Enjoy the down time and focusing on the non-horsey things you’ve got going on.

  5. That house is beautiful! I recently moved into the first house that I’m renting and that process was stressful enough I can’t even begin to imagine buying one.