Moving Whirlwind

This past week was a whirlwind. No other way to put it but we are officially home owners again. We actually didn’t know if we would be able to close on Friday until Thursday afternoon (I have a lot of negative feelings towards the selling agent of our house…). Thankfully it all worked out and Kyle and I (mostly Kyle) actually moved our bed over ourselves Friday night because we were so excited to get into the house.

Little did we know that our water heater would be a dud and we were doomed to take cold showers for an undetermined amount of time. We figured it would just be Friday night but 4 days later we finally got hot water yesterday morning. Could have been worse though and I considered it conditioning for my cold hose showers at events!

We are now mostly moved into our new house. It feels more like home every day. The dogs especially are loving their new kingdom and Stella has secured her place on the throne as top dog. Our yard is a bit sad right now as the grass seed is still growing but it is fun to see it now and know that soon we will have an awesome backyard. Most importantly is that my new barn commute is less than 10 minutes!!! The only thing that would be better is living there so I am pretty happy. Huelet also made a move this weekend back into the main barn. He is even getting turned out with Nanners for the foreseeable future – or until McLovin is weaned and Annie gets her bestie back. Hopefully now that things have settled down a bit regularly scheduled programming will resume. I need to get my butt in gear!

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  1. Moving is not my favorite activity, but your new home is beautiful and I bet you are really glad to be in a home of your own. And also be closer to the horses.