Wolf Teeth And Bronchodilators

For a couple weeks Annie has let out a few coughs at the beginning of our rides. Nothing terrible but enough that I made a mental note to keep track. Naturally my last ride she didn’t cough at all. Since the vet was going to be out anyways we discussed and decided he would take a look at her.

First though, he was out at the mare pasture and I went ahead and asked when one should get their baby horses teeth looked at. DR. M suggested that you would obviously want to do it before they start working with a bit in their mouth and that he usually likes to pull any wolf teeth around 1.5-2yrs old. It was Luna’s lucky day as she is just about 1.5yrs old. After a special cocktail she got her first introduction to dental work.

She didn’t love it. I am not convinced that she won’t remember it (despite her drunkness) and will be watching my back. Hopefully this doesn’t impact her recent found sweetness. #bewarethemare

For Annie we initially assumed the cough was weather/ allergy related. Some nose pinching and stethoscope using later we determined that she probably has a slight infection. Sadly this means she will need a week off with 6 days of treatment. I am grateful that the coughing doesn’t appear to be anything too serious.

At this point I figured I would ask the vet once more if there was anything else more exst(p)ensive we should do to rule out pain as a cause for her behavior under saddle. My wallet was already on fire right? We have talked until we are both blue in the face re the issues I have experienced and both feel like at this point its time to go to the clinic and throw the book at her one last time before pushing through. Part of me hopes we find something (that we can fix) so that there is some rhyme or reason to her behavior. I will have an update Monday afternoon.

Until then I will be giving her all of the meds and clutching my wallet nice and tight… Or doing retail therapy. Can’t decide!

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  1. I am needing to have the vet out for my two and my pocketbook is seriously dreading it. I vote for retail therapy, but only because my wallet can’t handle it and it would be nice to live vicariously through someone else’s shopping. 😀