Cavalia Comes To Nashville

A couple weeks ago I found out that Cavalia – Odysseo was coming to town. I have never been to a Cavalia show. I have heard really good things though and this seems like the perfect opportunity since it’s right in my “backyard”.

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If you aren’t familiar with Cavalia here is an excerpt from the website and a few clips from shows.

Cavalia presents its new production Odysseo. Double the size of the company’s eponymous show Cavalia, Odysseo is a true revolution in live entertainment and an immersive theatrical experience. Odysseo – the largest touring production on earth – features 65 magnificent horses and 48 talented riders, acrobats, dancers, and musicians under a White Big Top the size of an NFL football field! Odysseo takes the audience on an epic journey to some of nature’s greatest wonders. This awe-inspiring ode to horse and man is an absolute feast for the eyes that succeeds in delivering soulful and stunning performances. Prepare to be wowed!
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A few bloggers have been in the past in various parts of the country. If you have been what did you think?

Anyone in the Nashville area that is interested in going to see Odysseo should use the promo code GALLOP for 15% off all evening shows!

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  1. I saw Odysseo this spring and I thought it was really fun! My husband went too and he was really impressed too. The dressage in the lake at the end was underwhelming but the rest was great. The trick riders and acrobatshe especially were super impressive.

  2. I saw Cavalia in St. Louis a few years back and it was AMAZING. 10/10 would go again in a heartbeat. And I did the backstage tour which was fabulous. Highly recommend.

  3. I saw it in the spring and *loved* it. There is a good balance between the gymnasts and horse acts for non-horse people to still enjoy the show and the liberty acts are truly amazing.

    Plus it’s always funny to see what the audience finds impressive finds impressive (aka a horse cantering fast through water) verses what real horse people would be impressed with!