Catching Up: XC Schooling

Life has been a bit insane. Before I knew it I was 2 weeks overdue on my post about my trip to Auburn to go schooling. Spoiler alert it was awesome. This was my first big maiden voyage with the new trailer and I have to say it hauls like a dream. Annie was a bit skeptical about the side ramp and had to get her snort on. She settled in great once we arrived and I am so grateful for how well she travels and takes in new places. When we got to Chatt on Saturday she hacked around like a champ. Once she realized why we were there she got pretty hot though and was a little rocket. Honestly XC schooling is always more difficult than actually running for us. Once we got rolling though she was on fire. Half the battle is convincing myself not to fight her and just let her go. After that it was just beast mode until the end. It was really just what we needed. On top of getting our groove back I loved getting to spend a low key weekend with K since we don’t get to see each other that often anymore. I have plenty more to update on but I am beat.

Have you guys gotten to go out and have fun for a mental reset?

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  1. Let er rip!! She looks great! Totally get having a horse that easier to just go do a course on than school. I never liked all the starting and stopping involved with schooling either,Annie 😉