TGIF: House Work

Happy Friday! Things have been a little crazy around here lately. We met our realtor on Tuesday and got all of the details for listing our house. For now we are planning to clean up and declutter this weekend (yay…), pictures will be taken Mon/Tues, house will be listed on Friday. Lets all do some house dances (like rain dances) that someone comes to see the house and falls in love right away.


 With all of the house stuff I didn’t get to do much will Annie this week. Kinda disappointing but its not like we are on a deadline. I did get to ride her last night and she was pretty good.

It is pretty incredible the things that I forgot I went through or struggled with with Houston. Nope that creature didn’t just magically know how to perform 2nd level movements… All of those hard days with plenty of sweat, tears… I know that it will be worth it in the end and with time I will forget as I did with Houston but baby horses aren’t a short road.

Two Pointober should be fun this year… I don’t really look forward to hovering over a spicy ginger when the temps drop! She actually isn’t bad haha but it will be interesting and probably more work! Since were on the topic I have a couple of quick announcements about 2ptober.

We got some last minute additions for more awesome prizes.

The Printable Pony has generously offered up an additional prize to runner ups: have their pick of either custom 2016 horse binder (super cool I have one) or 4 graphic art prints. She’s also has a coupon code 25% off anything until the end of November: 2pointober! This contest is seriously wide open since $900fb pony dropped out, she seriously dominated last year and slayed us with her 2pointage. Spread the word, Join the fun, Win neat prizes! Read new blogs!

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2ptober 2015

It is once again time for 2pointober! L (Viva Carlos) and I will be co-hosting the event again, 3 years running!

This year we hope to get even more participation than previous years – and we have a lot of fun sponsors for prizes!

Never done 2pointober before? The point is to track your progress systematically. Last year my participation and improvement was pretty dismal but game on this year!

To join:

Please sign up in the comments of this posts or L’s post. We will be compiling all submissions and tracking progress using the same formula’s as we did last year (woot excel)!

Hop on your horse and start your stopwatch/phone/timer/look at a clock and stay in two point as long as you possibly can – this will be your baseline. (even better get a friend or trainer to help!)

Tell us your baseline in a comment! Simply posting on your blog does not count. L and I cannot keep track of potentially 60+ people’s blogs daily so we really appreciate you commenting on one of our blogs to share baseline and progress reports!

Make your own plan and track your progress. We only want to take a weekly progress report from each of you so give us your end of week numbers (Friday or Saturday).

Spread the word! The more the merrier! (This will not increase your chances of winning – only sweat and tears can do that!)

You have until midnight (aka early early in the morning) Wednesday October 7th to sign up! This is also the day you need to get me or L your baseline (you have the whole weekend to go get it so go do it!)

There are two categories! Most Improved and Longest Time. You can only win 1 category. If someone is both most improved and most time, we will choose the second person to win one of the categories. There will be Runner-ups in both categories. As like last year this year we have some fun options and sponsored prizes. I am honestly pretty jealous that, as hosts, L and I are out of the running for the rad prizes!

 Winners Prizes:

  • A 4oz Herbal Horse Tin (Heal Quick, Be Calm, etc of your choosing) and lip balm each (of your choosing!) – For both
  • Relatively Stable item Equi8 shirt (limited sizing available, substitution up to discretion of Sponsor) – For Most Improved Only
  • EquiFuse is sponsoring a Body Brilliance Collection (Longest Time) and Mane and Tail Performance Pack (Most Improved – no link but it includes: Citrafoam Shampoo, Citacreme Conditioner, and Gleam Moisturizer)
  • NerdHorse set of coloring pages – For both

Runner Up Prizes:

Last year we had almost 60 participants! Amanda was the winner of the longest time! Blowing everyone away with her 24 min baseline and improving her time to 25mins! LoveLaughRide was able to improve her baseline by 891% winning the most improved category. Runner ups included Alli for Longest time and Dragon in most improved (251%).

If you can’t wait for the competition we also have some great coupon codes offered as well!

EquiFuse: The coupon code for 10% off is 2ptober10. We have limited it to one use per customer and it is valid October 1 – November 30, 2015.

The Herbal Horse: Coupon code is 2pointober (20% on purchases over $20 through November 1, 2015.)

Relatively Stable: Coupon code is 2POINTOBER (15% off orders of $15 or more for the entire month of October).

The Printable Pony: Coupon Code 2Pointober 25% off any item to the end of November!

This is a great chance to meet new bloggers and improve your muscles! Start your timers!

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Big Moves

Now that the news has been shared with all of the right people in person or more privately I get to share it with all of you… 

 We’re moving to Tenessee! Kyle got an incredible opportunity and it’s going to be quite the adventure!

Goodbye Bluegrass State… Hello “Volunteer State” or “Big Bend State”. Definitely less catchy state nicknames for TN that is for sure!

There is a lot to figure out still but I am very excited. The only not so awesome part of this big change is that we have to sell our house that we just finally started to settle into. 
 We are still trying to iron out all of the logistics but the plan for now is that I will keep my job and work remotely from home. We will be renting for awhile hopefully downtown and then once we figure out how long term it is we will start the process of searching for a house. 
I am really excited about the fact that I will be slightly closer to an awesome trainer that I have gotten the chance to ride with once so far. I’ll have to haul out to her but I think between getting a lesson on a schoolmaster and help with Annie it’ll be well worth the drive. 

For those of you that recently moved with horses and dogs in tow do you have any tips? If you had to sell your home before moving how did you deal with when to give barns notice during that limbo? (My BO knows already but still) Or how early do you find a new barn? Also for any other bloggers in Nashville or that have lived there in the past any good tips for me? Feel free to email if you think that’s easier. Any and all insights are appreciated! 😊

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Leg Yielding A Greenie

On Thursday I finally was able to get on Annie again. First ride in almost 2 weeks and she was great. I did throw her on the lunge like for about 6-7min just to get her sillies out.

 She was pretty darn good. I am always impressed with her brain. During this ride she really seemed to get leg yields. Obviously I’m not asking for anything intense but I do want to get her to move off my leg well. Mission accomplished! 

Her green started to shine as she lost her cool, calm, and collected self as the gerbils fell off the wheel in her brain when I asked her to canter. She was not bad at all. She just got a little bit squirrelly. I laughed about it and kept trucking on. All of our rides are short and sweet and I make sure we always end on a concept that is easy for her. Given how infrequently I have gotten to ride lately the only goal for my rides is happy and calm. We don’t drill and most of the concepts she picks up very quickly. Always surprising me!

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Busting At The Seams

Do you all ever have moments where you so badly want to write or share something but you can’t for some reason or another? Something like that is going on for me and I am just waiting until the minute I can dump the news. It’s all good stuff and my fingers are crossed next week things will settle.



 In the meantime I haven’t gotten to ride Annie in over a week and a half because of all of her hive stuff as well as work. Her skin seems to be mostly clearing up thankfully. Still some funny scabs but overall I’m pleased. 
I am going to try to reveiw my various options for scab removal/ treatment soon. Happy Thursday!

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Wordless Wednesday: Round Pen

Things have been pretty quiet over here. Bumpy skin persists and I am weening Annie off the Dex since it’s now just residual scabs. Eqyss MicroTek baths happened last week and I am waiting for my latest order from The Herbal Horse so that I can try out her shampoo on the delicate flower.    

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Weekend Wrap Up: KY National

This weekend was a pretty fun one complete with a horse show, tack ho purchases, and pony time. After the week of skin funk and back pain (mine not the ginger) I was excited to get up to the Kentucky Horse Park on Saturday to watch my friend show in the Low AO jumpers.

Naturally my first stop was to the tack shop as my friend was course walking when we got there. One thing lead to another and before I knew it I was walking out with a new helmet. Whoops. In my defense my CO has been giving me horrible headaches which I am guessing is primarily due to the fact that I have about 12 inches more hair than I did when I purchased it.

Embrace the awkward helmet selfie. What stinks most about this is that my mom bought me a CO AYR8 Leather Look last fall that I literally wore one time before I stopped riding… When I started up again it made more sense to keep using the one that was already used. Given that they are the same size my hopes that the headache would go away with the unused helmet were unrealistic… I am a bit skeptical of selling a helmet to someone for liability reasons so I would probably only sell it to a friend and that would really only work for someone with a huge head like me.
While at the horse park I also bought a container of Squeezy Buns from FarmVet. I contacted the company with some questions on the consistency of the treats because I am a little disappointed… I bought them as the advertised “pliable pill pocket”  for shoving dex into the hive covered ginger and mostly have found them to be crumbly and dry. I will report back with more details but I will say that I am super impressed that “Uncle Jimmy” himself emailed me within 30 min of filling out the contact survey.

Hopefully everyone else had awesome weekends!

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Wordless Wednesday: Treeless

Not a lot to report so this will be mostly wordless. The delicate flower has hives and is on a lovely dex regime. Fingers crossed it takes care of our problems. The treeless refers to the fact that we had some large trees cut down from around our house.    

 Goodbye jungle hello house!


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Weekend Wrap Up: Learning

Something that I knew going into the “buying a baby horse” adventure was that I definitely wanted to lesson on going horses and continue to improve and advance on my own as a rider. 

There have been a few road blocks to that general goal but I finally got to have a lesson again yesterday with a really great trainer. She isn’t local but she’s worth the drive! 

She totally nailed all of my main issues within the first 10 minutes. She called out my nervous habits (not in a mean way but more as a hey you’re doing this) and really gave me tips for how to correct the problem. There may be hope for my equitation and effectiveness after all!  

Sonny and his new GF
The horse I was riding was a won’t take any lies kinda guy. If you asked wrong he wasn’t about to do it correctly. I appreciate and respect that though because a lesson would be much less beneficial if I was riding a horse that allows me to get away with murder – even if that would be easier!
My primary take always were:

  • Shoulders up and back – don’t let my nerves get the best of me and have me crouching forward in a guarded position 
  • No swinging legs! Legs at the girth are better for sending messages and more secure
  • Hands up – you can’t do very much when they are in your lap
  • Ride my outside aids more effectively
  • Learn how to ask for lead changes again… Dur (luckily I was able to get my stuff together toward the end)
  • I have more time than I think I do between fences and don’t need to be rushed
  • Don’t second guess myself – when we started my first distance attempts were pretty ugly… I would get it right and then last minute nope and go for the long spot PULLS HAIR! I need to do lots of pole work and get my eye back and gain confidence again

I am really grateful that I was able to take this lesson and hope to have many more in the future. 

Lots of stuff going on for us so I apologize for the radio silence. Hopefully I will be able to open up about some of the news later this week 🙊.  

baby horse is a free jumping star

On the Annie front the baby horse continues to impress me. She had a definite ginger tantrum last week but honestly it was expected to happen eventually… Instead of getting intimidated or scared as I would have 3 years ago when I was bringing Houston along I just trucked along and continued the ride. It made me feel very solid that I made be right decision and that I can infact bring along a green(er) horse again myself (with help of course). 

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