Weekend Wrap Up: Opening Hunt

First off PSA if you are participating in 2ptober final times are due Nov 2nd at 11:59pm PST. 

Earlier this past week my friend mentioned that Saturday was opening day and that she might be able to find an extra horse so that I could go. I was so excited. I have always wanted to get out in the hunt field and as a total newbie I was nerding out at the prospect.

I was able to find my coat and stock tie and only had momentary panic that I had never worn my black field boots. No time like the present to break boots in.

Stephanie at Hand-Gallop posted about how to prepare for opening hunt and I can add a few items to the list:

  • Don’t ride for the  month leading up to it – crippled at 25yo the day after is worth it
  • Realize you haven’t washed your coat since who knows when – no time now so you smell
  • Don’t break in or even wear black field boots prior to wearing them for 3+ hours
  • Forget both saddle and helmet at farm the night before
  • Lay awake like the kids in disney commercials

My friend D’s daughter was out of town this weekend so I was able to catch a ride on him. This was only possible because the stars aligned and D was able to use one of her friends young horses.

blessing of the hounds (from afar)
I just have to say that this was one of the most fun rides I have been on and I can’t wait to go again. I am already trying to research local Nashville hunt clubs. I have literally no idea what joining would cost (any experienced people willing to share their knowledge?) but I am super interested!

 So grateful and happy that I was able to participate in such a fun adventure! I would encourage anyone interested to try it out!

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Catch Up: Waiting & Searching

After some back and forth we have a fully accepted contract on our house post inspection. We still have to wait for the appraisal on the house and then it’s more waiting and moving until closing.

On the bright side we did find a nice apartment and we are going down to Nash to sign all of the paperwork and scope out barns next weekend.

So far I have a few options on the table with one in particular seeming very promising. It is harder than I thought to find a good barn that meets the list of things that I would like to have and accept cribbers and a dog…

  • Cribbers allowed
  • Good care
  • Daily turnout
  • Within 30 min of downtown
  • Lighted arena or indoor for winter
  • Flexible hours for the working ammie
  • No set lesson requirements
  • Trailer parking
  • Dog friendly
  • Reasonable prices

Apparently the term “reasonable” is very different in this area and that means that board will be approximately 200-300 more at most farms – even those that are over 40 miles away from where we will be living. It is weird because the cost of living is fairly comparable (we are going to be living downtown so it’s an expensive jump for us but still…)

On a totally unrelated note our wedding album came in today and it is gorgeous. It is too pretty to stay out in the open!

Last but not least a nice pup update –  if the gram face doesn’t make you smile I don’t know what will.  Sorry for the thoroughly boring posts. I am trying to stay updated but no riding and all of the moving stuff has been less than riveting content.

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Weekend Wrap Up: Waiting Game

We had a pretty busy weekend house wise. I was booted from the house Friday afternoon for an inspection for the potential buyers of our house. We got their list of demands and need to talk to our realtor about a counter offer today. Theres no way we can afford to do everything that is being asked so it should be fun… My friends pup was staying with us Wed-Sun while she showed at Harrisburg which was pretty fun. Sonny loved having his GF for company all day every day – Stella was not as convinced of the intruder.
On the Annie front she got one last medicated bath on Friday as the temps have been dropping here. I finally got to use her Bucas Cooler courtesy of Riding Warehouse! Her leg is looking way better and I am hopeful she will be able to stop being wrapped this week. I am a little hesitant to stop too soon for fear it will blow up so playing it safe for now.Due to the inspection all of the dogs got to come to the barn Friday – even the very not barn friendly mouth breather. She loved it but it was really hard to manage her and a horse. Sonny and his pibble side kick are true barn dogs so at least I didn’t have to worry about them too much. Stella basically was tied from location to location as I took care of Annie.

After over a week of wrapping I had to break down and use my no bows (which I HATE) and wrap with them… The pillows are being washed and brought back to action ASAP (which I forgot to do as I am typing this Monday night – face palm).

Crossing my fingers big time that we have reasonable buyers that will negotiate and that Annie continues to improve. 🙂 Kyle started his new job today so I am flying solo during the week until we move and I am anxious to get to Nashville! Sorry for the ramblings but I have moving/ selling house brain.

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Rider Review: EquiSpa Products

Another one from the archives! At the end of last year I won a contest for a gift card for EquiSpa.com hosted at My Equine Odyssey. Boy am I excited to have discovered these products! With the $75 dollar gift card I was able to get 3 of their products to try and I love all of them. The products that I am going to review are The Balm, the Cool Muscle Wash, and the Show Coat Leave In Conditioner.

The Balm

This stuff is great. I personally have probably used it more on my own hands than on Houston (or now Annie). The only thing that I don’t love about it is the smell. I tend to lean towards sweeter softer scents though so other people might like it. It isn’t awful but it also isn’t very appealing. However, I am constantly in need of a product to rub onto Houston’s heels and coronet band and this product is a good option I think. Also I can totally see how it could be used as a bug repellent (stinky remember!) and I would feel safe applying it to a cut or something needing protection from the elements come summer time. This stuff is priced at $16 a jar and seems like it should last quite some time. I will be holding off until I use it all to decide if I want to buy more though as I am not totally sold.

The Cool Muscle Wash

I think that I just have a thing for witch hazel. All of my favorite products have it as an ingredient. Not only does this stuff smell delicious it seems to do a great job. I sprayed this on a bump that Houston had gotten on his withers from a blanket sliding back and by the next day all of the swelling was gone and he was no longer tender. That’s a win in my book. This stuff isn’t cheap at $21 a bottle but I can see myself buying more of it to use and alter back and forth between this and Sore No More.

The Show Coat Leave In Conditioner

Witch hazel again my friends! I absolutely LOVE this stuff. It leaves the ponies smelling sweet and fresh when I use it and it is also effective. Houston’s coat was pretty abused 2 winters ago when he was hurt and was looking really rough from less grooming (yes, I know I am a bad horse mom…) and lots of clothes. After maybe 4-6 applications Houston’s coat was looking and feeling amazing. Best part is you can use this on the entire body and not worry about your saddle slipping. Yeah for silicone free conditioner!

Bottom Line:

I am definitely interested to try out more EquiSpa products. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the EquiSpa Show Coat Conditioner to anyone needing an overall coat conditioner and I find this stuff to be fairly unique due to the fact that you can apply it everywhere not just on the mane and tail. Definitely planning to keep stocked up on it. The Cool Muscle Wash and The Balm are both great but I am not sure that they are going to win me over entirely from the Sore No More equivalents (Sore No More Liniment and Sport Salve. Time will tell. The Cool Muscle Wash certainly smells better than Sore No More so that alone is giving it a few points. And it made my hands feel great!

Check out EquiSpa.com for natural horse products that are safe for the sensitive horse and rider!

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LH Infection Update

While I was out of town over the weekend spending some quality time with my amazing family Annie was at home brewing an infection.

 Apparently having hives and scabs covering the majority of her body wasn’t enough… She felt the need to also cut her self. On what I am not entirely sure.

I was trying not to be too concerned about the cut as it didn’t seem too deep but it was in the back of my head all weekend. Unfortunately it must have been more of a puncture wound or gotten something in it because it blew up and opened up.
While I was gone the delicate flower got medicated baths for her hives as well as cold hosing. By Sunday night when I got home her leg was still kind of angry and I was able to give her some oral antibiotics. The vet came out on Monday and gave her a jump start on the healing with an IV injection of meds.

We are also cold hosing daily and doing standing bandages when she is inside. I really didn’t want to pull her turnout so we just swapped it so that I am able to cold hose, bute, and wrap her after work for her night in. So far so good.

Re-Check is later today so I am crossing my fingers she gets a good report!

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Contract Pending

Given that the house we live in is the first house I have actually been a part of purchasing it probably isn’t any big surprise that it’s also the first house I’ve had to sell.

 The process of getting our house “list ready” was not the most fun I’ve ever had. Having just bought this house at the end of February we were barely moved in when the news of the new job was delivered. That left us in an awkward half full stage. We don’t really have all of the furniture the house needs (esp not to stage) and we aren’t/ weren’t going to buy it just for this process. Downsizing for the win.  Given that my parents have sold many houses and moved a ton I took my moms advice to heart and we stuck with the realtor we know and trust and followed his advice to a T. He suggested that we declutter and remove as much of the evidence of the dogs as possible. Another key factor to selling it quickly would be listing it at the right price. There were 3-4 other comp houses in our neighborhood that had been sitting 90+ days due to being overpriced.

It was pretty much a given that we would be losing money (there is no winning in living in a house for 6 months). We really just wanted to sell it fast so that we could get started finding something to rent in Nashville. When we flew out of town on Thursday I never anticipated that we would have 2 showings the first weekend the house was listed. The Friday night showing went well and the Saturday showing was a cancelation. I was disappointed about the cancellation until our first and only showing produced an almost full price offer.

salependingI don’t want to jinx anything but pending inspection Friday we are going to be Nashvillians in 30-45 days. Let the apartment and barn search continue…

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Introducing The AnnieMobile

This probably won’t be a big surprise given that we just bought a truck right before our wedding but a few days ago I became the proud owner of my very own horse trailer.

The AnnieMobile/PonyMobile is a 2H Adams Julite. I ended up getting extra space in the dressing room as well as NO CARPET. Best decision ever. I probably wouldn’t have pursued Adams if they hadn’t agreed to make the trailer without a carpeted dressing room. 

Aside from minimal roadblocks regarding trying to get my truck unhitched from the trailer, with the raise hitch, getting her home went smoothly. The jack wouldn’t raise the trailer high enough which lead to short term complications. Note to self: go buy some wood blocks.

I had just about everything besides extra wood blocks at my disposal. Whoops.


Totally love the way the butt bar pins work! We are getting a weight distributing hitch installed next week and hopefully they will be able to figure out why the interior lights won’t work. The dealership tested them in front of me and it’s definitely our truck and not the trailer. They tried to look at the fuse box but that was futile. Fingers crossed. Otherwise she hauled great! WOOHOO!

It is seriously a big stress reliever to know that not only can I haul Annie to Nashville myself I can also be independent. Where we live now I have quite a few resources should I need someone to haul in an emergency but moving to a new place it makes me feel much better to know I can handle that aspect myself.

Do any of you all have any tips or tricks for new trailer owners? From organizing, cleaning, and actual  hauling I would love to hear it! I am pretty new to the BP thing having always pulled GN but I definitely learned one lesson – always have spare wood around! 🙂

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Rider Review: Kastel Christine Soft Shell Jacket

Pulling this bad boy out from the archives… Living in the midwest (ish) we have weather that is all over the place. It can be 70 degrees one day in the fall and 29 the next. You never know what you are getting until that day. That said dressing for the barn can be a little tricky in the colder months. I don’t like to wear a super bulky coat when I am riding because then I feel roly poly. Enter the Kastel Christine Soft Shell Jacket.

from the Kastel website

Price: $99

Review: I originally contacted Kastel Denmark to see if they would be creating an unvented version of their amazing Kastel Sun Shirt for those of us that love the material but need a warmer layering option. Yes – the Sun Shirts feel so good I asked about something they didn’t sell yet because I want to wear them every ride. I hope that something like this does hit the market because I would be unable to prevent myself from buying one… errr all of the colors.

I mentioned that I was hesitant to buy their new Christine Soft Shell Jacket as I was concerned it would be too light to get much use with our weather and they offered to send me one to try out and review. I chose the Grey color with a pink trim/ details but you can also choose from Navy/Red, Black/Pink, and Royal/White color combos. Check out all of the options here.

Upon opening the the box I was really happy with the weight of the jacket. While it seemed durable and waterproof it wasn’t bulky and unlike many “soft shell” materials it wasn’t crinkly or scratchy. Additionally I don’t like to ride in jackets with hoods so that was a major selling point for me. Now that I have more rides in it I can say that I really like this coat and I see it has an awesome outer layer for the early fall and later spring as well as a great layering option for later in the winter. The coat has bigger sleeves which initially I wasn’t sure about but this feature makes it effortless to slip the coat on over the sleeves of a sweater. Additionally while fitted the coat doesn’t restrict my movement.

It is a great wind breaker and keeps you much warmer than you would expect with the weight of the fabric. I actually had to take the coat off when I was riding a few weeks ago because it was too warm (maybe 50 degrees). I was really happy to have it once I hopped off though because it kept me from getting a chill.

Sizing wise I wear a small in their sun shirts (as with many brands shirts) and chose a small in the jacket as well. This provided a sleeve that is maybe a hair long (though nice for riding as it covers my glove), a great drop (not too long or too short), and a soft fit that allows great movement and comfort.

Bottom Line: I would buy this coat for myself or a friend. At this price point with its great usability I think it is a super buy. You won’t find many jackets of the same quality priced so fairly. I have gotten this coat filthy and it washed up great which I was initially concerned about when choosing such a light color. This coat has quickly become a barn staple and my only complaint is that I wish there were more color options. Being a plain jane kinda gal I would love some solid options that didn’t have bright accent colors but that is a small complaint and I would still buy this coat for myself and recommend it to a friend.

When doing a quick search for soft shell coats on Dicks Sporting Goods you can see that this coat would be priced at the bottom end of the $99-$200 price range of their Women’s Soft Shell coats.  Considering that “equestrian” brands usually fall well above the prices of non equestrian branded items I found this surprising. I don’t think you would be disappointed if you treated yourself to this coat! And if you life somewhere with milder winters you could get even more use out of this coat.

If you are in need of a jacket to add to your Winter Wardrobe Arsenal you should definitely consider the Kastel Denmark Christine Soft Shell.

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2ptober 2015 Competition Line Up

Hopefully by now you all have been feeling the burn while getting your 2ptober baseline times! Below is the list of all of the official competitors of the 2015 2pointober (in no particular order)! We have also linked to everyones blog (where applicable), click through and read some new blogs. Share the blog love!

2ptober FAQs:

  • You can compete at any gait, you just need to maintain your 2 point
  • Touching the neck means your 2 point is done. It’s all about continuous 2point.
  • You can do it in any saddle you want.
  • Report to L (Viva Carlos) or I with your highest 2 point time of the week.
  • This is the only time until the finish that L and I will be posting numbers!

Happy 2ptober – may the odds ever be in your favor!

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Weekend Wrap Up: Hives 2.0

It would seem that Annie is allergic to life. As I mentioned a few weeks ago she had a random outbreak of hives that seemed to go away with a course of Dex. The delicate redhead stayed inside Saturday night and Sunday morning she had puffy legs a hives all over.

We are back to the drawing board on what might be causing this… I wish horses could talk sometimes! If anyone has thoughts or suggestions please let me know!


We will have a line up of competitors on Thursday for the 2015 line up!

Take advantage of all of the great discounts offered by our sponsors!

EquiFuse: The coupon code for 10% off is 2ptober10. We have limited it to one use per customer and it is valid October 1 – November 30, 2015.

The Herbal Horse: Coupon code is 2pointober (20% on purchases over $20 through November 1, 2015.)

Relatively Stable: Coupon code is 2POINTOBER (15% off orders of $15 or more for the entire month of October).

The Printable Pony: Coupon Code 2Pointober 25% off any item to the end of November!

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