Bumper Pull Trailers

Now that we have a hauling vehicle we are seriously thinking about trailer options. I never knew how many options there were to consider when it came to a trailer purchase. For the sake of this discussion we can assume we are purchasing new but in reality I am seriously scouring the inter webs for a fairly price used trailer (aka 5k or less)… Nice used BP that aren’t close to the price of a new trailer are hard to find!

Things to consider:

  • load type (straight or slant)
  • escape doors/ no escape doors
  • ramp/ no ramp
  • dressing room/ no dressing room
  • materials (frame/ wall/ flooring)

For me I am pretty certain that I want a straight load, ramp, escape doors, and a dressing room. The more difficult questions come in terms of flooring for me. There are 3 popular options in wood floor with mats, rumber flooring, and aluminum flooring with mats. I can’t seem to decide what would be best. Wood and Rumber are probably my top choices. All of my experience has been with wood or alum and mats. I know that many people with rumber love it – though I have heard it can be slick. Are the warranties on certain floors better?

Weight is a slight concern given we have a smaller truck so right now steel frame/ alum skin or all alum are the top contenders. There are a few brands that I have been eyeing. The top one (Shadow) comes out quite a bit higher than we would want to spend but has fun options like fans in the horse area… Those are however unnecessary…

With price in mind the top brands are: Adams, Trailers USA, Eclipse, and Hawk.

For those of you with trailers or in the market how did you decide on all of the features you wanted/ needed? Is there anything you didn’t get that you wish you had? Or things that you upgraded for that you never use?

Looking forward to hearing all of your alls opinions and advice!

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Rider Review: Higher Standards Saddle Soap

Reaching into the review archives again this week…

Being a self proclaimed tack ho comes with some price. The more tack you have the more cleaning there is to be done. Even if you aren’t using the leather it still needs to be cared for (or so I am told by my currently very sad looking leather open fronts after their months of neglect).

I recently discovered Higher Standards Leather Care and I think that I might be hooked. I stumbled upon something genius.

When a thread popped up on the COTH Forums about a new saddle soap that worked well, conditioned while you cleaned, and (the best part) smelled like heaven I knew that I needed to give it a try. When I went searching I wasn’t particularly in love with the scents offered but then that changed with October’s Limited Edition (see below for a full list of scents offered). In the past I had tried one scented soap (MOSS Vanilla Soap) that was not a total bust but it definitely isn’t my favorite product so I was still on the hunt for a soap that I liked that smelled good too.

Down to the nitty gritty on the Higher Standards Suger & Spice Limited Edition & the Cinnamint Limited Edition Scents.

Price: $14.95 – this is pretty comparable to most jars of soap from my experience

Pros: This soap smells incredible. The scent is not over powering but rather a nice refreshing change for the tack cleaning experience. Much to my dismay my tack doesn’t seem to retain the delicious scent (don’t worry your horse won’t be tempted to nibble on your minty tack 😉 but it also isn’t left with any kind of residue like many soaps tend to cause. On top of cleaning properties this soap also seems to have some conditioning effects too. This is great because for those of us on time constraints using this soap will allow you to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Or just get a jump start in the prep for using the awesome Higher Standards Leather Balm.

Cons: Inspires thoughts of hoarding… The limited edition scents are only available for one month every year! This made me want to stock up and keep extras…

Available Scents:

Fox’s Vanilla Lavender

Buzz’s Citrus Ginger

Starla’s Sugar & Spice

Phinney’s Cinnamint

Ben’s Rosemary Mint

Plain Bay – Unscented (for those of you that just like a great cleaning product!)

Bottom Line: I will definitely be purchasing more of this soap. For myself, for gifts, for myself… The fact that this soap has a sweet story as well makes me want to use it even more.

Small excerpt from the creator of this great product on how it came to be:

“During Rolex week, I sent a care package to Kentucky for Woody and his “staff.” In that package was a container of my handmade soap. I was stunned a couple months later, when Karen’s excellent longtime groom, Max Corcoran asked for more of my soap, saying it was wonderful stuff. “

You can read the full story on how this soap came to be here.

As I am reposting this again I am sure most of you have already heard about HSLC but if you haven’t I highly encourage you to try it! 🙂

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Nope… I am not referring to the color but rather the fun little growth on the inside of our horses legs.  I personally was always taught (when needed) to slather some vaseline over them for a few days and then they peel right off. I know many others wait until they are big enough to pinch off and some even cut them off.  

You can also normally peel them when bathing your horse. 

Some horses are really not interested in cooperating – luckily for me I’ve never experienced a horse that hates them being touched. I was kind of amazed by how ugly some horses chestnuts are!

What do you all do with them? Do you let them grow? Do you remove them? Tell me all about your care/ management of the pesky buggers. 

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The Barn Vehicle

In my experience most horse people are also dog people – at the very least we typically like other animals even if we don’t have any others. Horses are certainly more than enough of a hole in the wallet for most!

I fall into the loving all animals category (I would save them all and be a hoarder if I had no job and more room…). When Kyle married me he knew that he was not only getting into life with at least two dogs but also possibly a horse and any other creature that makes its way into our life. He is incredibly supportive and tolerant. Probably more of a softie than me even! 

As Kyle’s car gained more mileage and we thought about trading it in I hinted strongly suggested that a truck would be a great vehicle for our lifestyle… His sedan was not really practical for transporting the dogs… And while I have an SUV its too small to haul anything should we need to… I have some amazing friends/ professionals to fall back on but it’s much more convenient to have your own wheels! Not to mention it would add a lot to my piece of mind.

Thor (K’s F350) vs Little Truck (Our F150)

Bottomline we decided that a larger vehicle would be a good fit. Next came determining what size truck.Prior to really starting to research hauling and building my own rig I really had no idea about trucks. As I started hauling more and gained experience I was primarily pulling gooseneck trailers with at least 3/4 ton trucks…  

A truck that size is unfortunately not very practical for people that will have to use the truck as a daily driver. This killed my dreams of a gooseneck trailer because it’s typically not a good idea to try to pull a gooseneck with a smaller truck. I am sure that there are ways that one can make it work but for me a 250/2500 would be required for me to feel comfortable.

We ended up finding a great deal on a really low mileage 2013 F150 with great features to make it a really comfortable daily driver as well as potential hauler. I love driving the truck and can’t wait until I can complete the rig at some point by added a light weight BP!

Anyone else in blogger land haul with a 150/1500 truck or large SUV? What trailer did you all end up with?

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Rider Review: Sore No More Product Line

Alright… This is a post from the archives… Transferring didn’t go as planned so I decided to scrounge up my favorite reviews and those are pretty much all that made it. So Friday’s will be a blast from the past for a few weeks!

I am a huge Sore No More fan. Admittedly I had no clue that Equilite had been purchased by Arenus but bottom line it is still owned by what seems to be a great company that has great standards and seems to be very socially responsible. They even have a campaign called “Ride for a Green World” in an effort to recognize ways that we can be a more eco-friendly equestrian community. How cool is that?

I originally discovered Sore No-More at my local tack store The Hitching Post. Up until recently I had only tried their Gelotin Liniment and their Cooling Clay Poultice but I recently expanded my horizons and was not at all disappointed. Not like I needed any more excuses to buy horse stuff… Confessions of a Tack-Aholic.

Before I go into each product the main reason that I LOVE this line is that the ingredients are all natural. For any of you that have sensitive skin – you need this stuff. That said even if you do have skin that is as resilient as steel and can use normal liniment if your horse has sensitive skin they will thank you! I personally get a lot of comfort from the fact that if this product is safe for me to use on my own skin I won’t potentially be causing my horse some discomfort with a product that could cause irritation. But onto the nitty gritty…

Sore No-More Gelotin: This stuff is the bees knees. This was my first introduction to the Sore No More line and will probably always be my favorite. The scent of the Sore No-More products can take some getting used to but I am more than willing to trade the fresh minty scent of other liniments in order to avoid “feeling the burn” – and with that said it doesn’t smell bad it just smells different. After a hard work out this liniment is sure to alleviate muscle soreness. I typically apply it to all 4 legs, stifles, and the back area. (read: I am very generous with my application!) The only difference in this compared to the original formula is the addition of a natural thickener to help avoid any waste. I personally don’t think there is a better liniment gel out there.

Sore No-More Cooling Clay Poultice: Previously I had always used IceTight or something comparable because it is what was available but given my aforementioned love for my Sore No More Gelotin when I saw this at my local tack shop I had to buy some. I thankfully didn’t need it right away but when I did I felt like it was really effective. One day I noticed that Houston had some swelling and heat in his right front. I opted to apply this poultice with poultice paper and standing bandages. I noticed significant improvement the next morning. And the poultice washed of very easily. Normally the removal of the poultice and clean up are my least favorite part – and while still not fun it is a much easier process with this poultice then with others I have tried. One of the best things about this poultice is that due to the natural ingredients it is save to be applied without wraps. This allows me to apply the poultice up over Houston’s knees and not worry that he could poison himself if he attempted to lick or eat it. Additionally you can use this poultice as a hoof pack. I have never tried it for that purpose but that’s pretty handy! Wonder Poultice anyone?

Sore No-More Liniment Spray: This liniment spray is just as wonderful as the Sore No-More Gelotin (see above) but easier to apply. It also goes a bit further I think as with a mist you are covering a larger area. I really like this liniment for after a work out and if you are in a rush. I always like to rub my liniment in but if you are lacking time it is great that you can keep your hands clean and apply this with a simple spray. I have never tried other spray liniments so I don’t have a lot to compare this to but I personally think it is fantastic.

Sore No-More Massage Shampoo: Kill two birds with one stone and use this shampoo! If you have ever had an uber sweaty horse that needed a bath and a liniment rub down after a tough work out but were faced with limited time you will love this shampoo. It is not your usual shampoo consistency and can be easily wasted if you aren’t careful when applying but that is probably my only complaint. What makes it a pain during application makes it wonderful when you actually get to the “massage” part. I refer back to the main reason that I love this product – You can apply it without armor! No gloves needed because you won’t feel a burning sensation from this liniment – if anything you will also be benefited from the product. It smells nicer than the other liniments in the line which is nice, washes out easily, leaves no residue, and is sensitive skin approved. Bottom line: Your need this! 🙂

Sore No-More The Sauce: Of all of the products in this line this is the one that I am least familiar with and was the most skeptical of. That said I opted to use it first as a skin treatment for some funkiness that Hue has going on on his hind legs and minus the fact that it isn’t the easiest to apply due to the runny consistency I do think that it helped. I will have to report back on that at a later date. This stuff is advertised as good for: rain rot, scratches, skin fungus, thrush, abscesses and a variety of other skin and hoof conditions. I will certainly be giving it a try the next time hue has any thrush or if we have an abscess to tackle. 

Sore No-More Sports Salve: This is one of the Sore No-More products that I can see using regularly on myself! This stuff is advertised as a jack of all trades which is pretty awesome. It is nice to find a product that can help with a lot of things! I personally used this on my own hands as a moisturizer and LOVE it. Initially it does have an herbal aroma but it is not offensive and doesn’t linger. For Houston I applied it to a few scratches that he had that were a little inflamed and the next day they looked much better. I wouldn’t hesitate to use this in the future for any small scraps or abrasions. I am especially interested in trying it out on his hooves.

Now that you have read my fan girl post about Sore No-More head out to your local tack shop – or buy some from the comfort of your home, SmartPak sells it 😉 Your horse will thank you!

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 As promised here is a more thorough photo pump from our amazing day! I will surely be sharing more pictures as our photographer gives them to us but I will try not to be obnoxious about it. 

Horsey related posting to presume in the near future, promise!



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Fresh Start & New Looks

After much hemming and hawing I decided to stick with Equestrian At Hart for blogging. I could change the name because I am no longer going to be a Hart but I will always remain Equestrian at Heart and it’s just s play on words due to my name anyways! I did decide to change a few things on my end of though so please bear with me while I iron out some details.

For those of you that are new to the blog please check out the About Me tab for a brief rundown. I look forward to getting to know other fun horse bloggers!

The blog should be up and running soon though and look out for a full wedding recap – for anyone interested that is 🙂

Thanks for reading my little sliver of the blogosphere!

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