Introducing Annie


I have been holding out on you guys…

First I am going to start with the fact that I am beyond grateful to have such a supportive partner. Kyle is gonna be a kick butt horse husband and I am so happy that he loves and supports my riding like he does.

honeymoon selfie

While Kyle and I were on our honeymoon I did some shopping pool side… Kyle was literally laughing at me as I spewed chatter about horses at him all week. Being the amazing guy that he is he encouraged me and before I knew it I was planning a pre purchase on the best wedding present ever.

When I decided I couldn’t stay away from riding I knew it wouldn’t be long before I owned a horse again. I also knew I wanted to set myself up differently and provide myself some more freedom by getting some wheels. With all of the recent happenings for us my budget was pretty limited.

Enter LittleOrphanAnnex (Annie) an unraced 3yo TB that was at Ellis Park – I’m questioning my sanity too.
I almost didn’t email based on her ad because the picture above was all that was posted. Once I saw a video of her moving I was sold! Buying a horse off the track is a serious gamble but she was a safer bet than most of the other candidates I saw.

Given that she is so young she pretty much gets to hang out with light work until next spring. She was already going undersaddle (she’s a race training flunky) when I purchased her so I will either work her from the ground or lightly undersaddle 2-3 days a week and then she will get the winter to grow up. That’s the plan for now anyways.

In the meantime I will continue to lesson on going horses to get myself going for when mare face is ready to start learning more.             

So there you have it. Whoops I bought a horse!

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  1. Sqqqqquuuuueeeeeeeee! I’m so glad that this is out there now! Everyone needs to know about her, she’s so adorable! And why did I think the babyface was older than 3? I’m even more impressed with her now!

  2. Ah didn’t know she was three, you’ve been so quiet about her. As far as lines go, I’ve known a lot of nice hunters with Secretariat and Halo. I’ve known some excellent but opinionated Jumpers with Storm Cat and my vast experience with Nasrullah lines is an asshole horse you can’t help but fall in love with 😉

    I’m sure you two will be awesome in no time

  3. She is adorable – congrats! I have a friend looking for something similar right now, so interested to see how things go with her! Also, very jealous of your understanding husband, mine just thinks my horse is a money pit (rightfully so, but he’s a CUTE money pit!!)

    Have fun with her!

    1. Thank you! I found her by stroke of luck. She was listed on… And then I happened to know a mutual acceptance of her owner and one thing lead to another.

      There are a bunch of good Facebook groups so thats where I would stalk if I was still in the market.

      1. I have had two. One was my heart horse and I had her until she passed at 27. My other I have now and is a midget at just under 15.2 but won over $50k before I got her. I am a sucker for a redhead OTTB. 🙂

  4. Congratulations! She’s beautiful! I collect chestnuts so I definitely approve! Good luck with her and I can’t wait to read more. I added to my herd a month ago and I’m still taking pictures like crazy so I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of Annie!

  5. Congrats! So very exciting. Do you have an idea what you want to do with her? Hunters, jumpers, eventing?

  6. I am so far behind on my blog reading but what a beauty! Congrats and i cannot wait to tag along as your relationship blossoms ♡♡♡

  7. Ohmygosh! With baby craziness I am just now catching up and holy cow congrats how did I miss all this!!!!!!!! So happy for you and excited to read all about your adventures with Annie! She’s so pretty!