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Given that the house we live in is the first house I have actually been a part of purchasing it probably isn’t any big surprise that it’s also the first house I’ve had to sell.

 The process of getting our house “list ready” was not the most fun I’ve ever had. Having just bought this house at the end of February we were barely moved in when the news of the new job was delivered. That left us in an awkward half full stage. We don’t really have all of the furniture the house needs (esp not to stage) and we aren’t/ weren’t going to buy it just for this process. Downsizing for the win.  Given that my parents have sold many houses and moved a ton I took my moms advice to heart and we stuck with the realtor we know and trust and followed his advice to a T. He suggested that we declutter and remove as much of the evidence of the dogs as possible. Another key factor to selling it quickly would be listing it at the right price. There were 3-4 other comp houses in our neighborhood that had been sitting 90+ days due to being overpriced.

It was pretty much a given that we would be losing money (there is no winning in living in a house for 6 months). We really just wanted to sell it fast so that we could get started finding something to rent in Nashville. When we flew out of town on Thursday I never anticipated that we would have 2 showings the first weekend the house was listed. The Friday night showing went well and the Saturday showing was a cancelation. I was disappointed about the cancellation until our first and only showing produced an almost full price offer.

salependingI don’t want to jinx anything but pending inspection Friday we are going to be Nashvillians in 30-45 days. Let the apartment and barn search continue…

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  1. Having just gone thru all that (still living amongst boxes) I have lots of sympathy. We went with good realtors that actually paid for staging and we were amazed how nice our house looked lol. Simple changes . We got over asking our first open house. Hope all goes well and you breeze thru escrow!

  2. Congrats!!! We sold our house last month on day 2 it was listed – second person to see it – almost full price offer. I agree with listing your house for the right price is key – we took that same advice from our realtor. I, too, held my breath till day of closing – stressful time, for sure!
    So excited for you both 🙂