Weekend Wrap Up: Hives 2.0

It would seem that Annie is allergic to life. As I mentioned a few weeks ago she had a random outbreak of hives that seemed to go away with a course of Dex. The delicate redhead stayed inside Saturday night and Sunday morning she had puffy legs a hives all over.

We are back to the drawing board on what might be causing this… I wish horses could talk sometimes! If anyone has thoughts or suggestions please let me know!


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  1. aw poor Annie 🙁 i know a lot of chestnuts are just way more sensitive than many other horses. that doesn’t really help at all tho

  2. Poor baby girl! I hope she gets some relief soon 🙁 Relating to the allergy issues with mine right now, too. It is possible to do blood or skin allergy testing in horses–a friend of mine has a horse who is allergic to something in most fly sprays…. horses always have interesting surprises for us!

    1. I was going to suggest this as well. Especially if there has been a new shipment. Sometimes if there is any mold in the bedding this can happen, or it may just be that this type of bedding causes a reaction.

  3. I have a friend whose gelding breaks out in hives seemingly at random and is always super itchy! She’s tried Dex, an anti-histamine supplement, keeping him out 24/7 and keeping him in at night. Nothing has helped him, but other than being itchy, he seems pretty comfortable. Good luck!

  4. Bobby has been breaking out in hives and various other skin funk nonstop since we moved to NY. I just started him on SmartAntioxidant. I don’t know how you feel about the usefulness of supplements, but I’ll let you know if it works for my dude or not!

  5. Poor baby! Have you thought about doing an allergy panel? We ran one on Lucy a few years ago and it was eye opening. She’s also a delicate flower and for her specifically it cleared up all of her (many) digestive issues. For what it’s worth, we did blood, but I’ve heard good things about skin testing as well. Since her reactions are manifesting externally, that might be the better bet. Not all vets do them, but I would bet y’all are central enough to have someone who does!

  6. Well it’s not just redheads, because my brunette had hives for months. Dex would get them down, then they’d come slowly back. They finally stopped when our barn got a different supplier for hay and alfalfa. She still has a few on her back at times but I think those are just big related. Sorry, it’s a royal pain.

  7. I finally had to move my poor sensitive redhead back to my trainer for a while after she developed the hives (which we treated pretty successfully with Benadryl) and a cough from being kept in the barn while North Florida tried to float away this last month. She’s 2 hours away, but at least she won’t have the hives and cough anymore…