Merry Christmas 2015

Still no horsey content but I did want to say Happy Holidays to all of you. Given the lack of Annie or pup pictures I present some awesome Christmas gifs.

Enjoy the time with your families and hug your loved ones extra tight. If you are in the midwest I hope you haven’t been affected by the recent batch of tornados.

MerryChristmas merry-christmas-eve-gif-5 tumblr_lw9vjaObwi1r7zaoqo1_500 giphy tumblr_myb3jlYHip1rlhv36o1_500 merry-christmas_1240 tumblr_lwos1wPgoo1qbp4vao1_500 giphy-2 tumblr_lwq5nvj6cr1qiol6o tumblr_m8pio0nQDw1rdt491o1_500 tumblr_myfvai5Hb31rp0vkjo2_500 tumblr_mye1ke1UEU1rp0vkjo1_500 tumblr_ngkvsd4Fen1qc8jh0o1_500 5da7d4635491626a80fb5be91353e09eI will probably try to get a year in review up when we are traveling home. I also need to work on my 2016 goals. 🙂

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