A Wish List

There are a bunch of cool things out there that I absolutely do not need but wouldn’t mind having. Here is just a small list 🙂

Signature Spurs are something I have been lusting over for awhile. I will probably never be able to justify buying myself a pair of $90 spurs just to have my name on them but they definitely look sharp. Bonus – they won’t walk away as easily if they have your name on them!

For Horses Tights have been on my grabby hands list ever since Amanda reviewed them. They look so comfortable but still flattering. Count me in!

Majyk Dressage Boots are well towards the top of my list although I prefer black boots or dark colors.

Roeckl Winter Chester Gloves are a necessity given the winters here. I can’t seem to find my original pair so it is probably time to buck up and get another pair.

What are some fun things you guys have been hoping to get your hands on?

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  1. If you want a cheap substitution for the expensive spurs, Smartpak will engrave spurs with your initials (at least they used to) for like $10. I got mine done back when they had free engraving/embroidery with barn buddies.

      1. Even though their stuff looks nice, I’m boycotting Lund indefinitely; the owner(?) contacted me directly and was pretty disrespectful, and I’m completely turned off.

        1. All of the times you have mentioned that I am perplexed but sorry to hear that was your experience. Small businesses do have growing pains though and not everyone will be happy all the time it seems.

          Smartpak has proven to me on numerous occasions that they no longer have the best prices or the fastest shipping and after some miscommunications resulting in me getting my smartpaks late and then in another instance them not cancelling Houston’s smartpaks I finally cancelled Annie’s as well. I will save money in the long run doing it myself anyways.

    1. If you have one of those stores locally that does monogramming/engraving, they could probably manage it! I know my teeny tiny town has one and I’ve talked to them about engraving existing items before — usually as long as it’s not something they offer (and spurs would definitely qualify haha) they’re sometimes willing to entertain the idea for a small fee! 🙂

  2. I seriously need to work on my equestrian Christmas list (not that anything will get bought, haha). I’m kind of in denial that this year is almost over, it flew by!

  3. I don’t have too much of a wish list currently. Too many other things to pay for and too much stressing over finances. If I’m doing a dream big wish list though, here’s what it would be:
    -a new saddle
    -electricity in my horse pen
    -new boots

    Nothing to exciting.

  4. I just met the owner of Signature Spurs the other night, really nice lady 🙂 I also tried on the tights before, they have them at Tack N Rider near me, and I still love breeches #hidethethighs