Rider Review: Do or Do Knot Rope Halters

I have now had my Do or Do Knot Rope Halters for a few months and I have to say that I love them. When Houston was a young twerp he lived in a rope halter as I felt that it gave me a bit more leverage without being as harsh as a chain. I hated having to tie it though and always went back to a normal halter. I started looking around last fall for a more convenient rope halter and found this brand among all of the other crazy priced options.

Price: $16 to $40 (basic no hardware all the way to a wrapped noseband, side pull rings, a crown snap, and a breakaway tab)

img_0292-1.jpgReview: When I saw the Do or Do Knot had rope halters with snaps AND breakaway tabs I knew I wanted one. Houston still sometimes needs a little extra reminder that he is not a big goofy dog on the end of a leash. I also was really intrigued by the option to be able to use the halter as a side pull. Lindsey, the creator, offers great customer service and worked with me to get the right sizing for each of my horses. Bonus is that the crown of these halters is somewhat adjustable so I can make my black halter work for Luna as well as Annie.

Another thing that I think is awesome is that you can choose from a variety of colors and size options to get the halter that works best for you. Additionally these halters are made with a really high quality rope that is smooth and comfortable for your horse.

img_2469Bottom Line: If you like rope halters but prefer the convenience and safety of a traditional halter you should check out Do or Do Knot. My halters have been very abused and hose off great. Not fancy but for a rope halter I think they are a great option!

Do you guys have halter types and brands you really prefer?


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    1. I was going to ask the same question. Marcus is fine with a chain (I rarely use one on him) but Frankie is not one you can fight with and a chain just makes him worse. I dont even bother trying, but I wonder if a rope halter might be nice for when he is pushy on the ground and I need more than a regular lead?

  1. I worked with a natural horsemanship lady for a few months when Pongo was around 4 years old, she introduced us to rope halters and I loved them! Very helpful for a little added control and to reinforce who’s boss mare, but not as dramatic as a stud chain. I’d put one over my bridle with a lead rope for trail rides even years later and just having it on kept him so calm! It was like a little reminder that mom was in charge, in a good way!

  2. I’ve always loved using rope halters and I’ve been using them forever so I don’t even notice tying them lol. But I love that these have breakaway tabs and can use it as a side pull! I may have to look into getting one…

  3. Neat halters! How do they work as a sidepull? I’m still looking into the best bitless option for Dino since the halter is not very stable on his head once I add reins. Do these halters shift around quite a lot when used as a sidepull? The price is certainly right and I’m intrigued!

    1. You can kind of see in the picture of Luna where I used the rings to put her in the cross ties. I find that it doesn’t move around a lot. I even attached my reins to my Houston sized one that doesn’t have rings with no issue. 🙂