RK3DE Count Down Begins

A week from today Amanda and I will be making the trek up to the Kentucky Horse Park for one of the best weekends of the year – RK3DE! Amanda actually flies in Wednesday night – we will get to play with the ponies before we head out Thursday afternoon!

A couple weeks ago I noticed that there was still one campsite remaining onsite at the KHP campgrounds. If you have ever been to Rolex you probably know that the parking is a nightmare. Doable but it takes forever to get in and out. I considered a preferred parking pass but I didn’t want to spend $150-200 for just parking. When the spot came up I made sure Amanda was on board and then we made plans to camp. Not only do we get a primo parking spot we also will never have to leave the park if we don’t want to. Win win! (We will be on the left outer loop but for safety sake not going to post exact location – because crazy ppls…)

Immediately following the camp planning conversations my trailer went into the shop. Turns out it might or might not be done in time for our departure. For those of you that have been to Rolex…  img_0325.jpgYou can back me up when I say that it is pretty much always wet at least one of the days. Truck Tent Glamping is a blast and all but not so much when you are going to be like a wet dog all weekend. img_0332.jpgFrom there I started looking into RV rentals. What do you know there is an RV version of AirBnB! Most of them are way more than we will need but I am pretty pumped that we wont have to go outside to community showers and we will also be able to cook to save some money for some of our meals. Plus AC.

Still ironing out specific details but as of now we will be Lexington bound Thursday afternoon! Hope to see any of you guys that are going at the Taco Party! Who else is in???

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    1. I do not comprehend the statement “I don’t get all the hype about tacos”. WHAT??? You should come to Texas, we’ll learn you a think or two about tacos.

  1. Sadly not going to Rolex, but how far do you have to drive the RV? That’s the one thing that I really would not look forward to.

      1. That’s not too bad then. My family always rented RVs and the worst part seemed like driving a giant box down the road.

  2. It will be so nice to camp versus going back and forth!

    Very sad I won’t be coming and getting to see you and all the other amazing bloggers! I know you will spend money buying amazing things I will lust after and have lots of fun though! I’ll be over here repeatedly reminding myself #poniescominghome will be worth it!

  3. I’m going to Rolex, but not flying in until Thursday night (boo,work- being the boss sucks sometimes). So I’ll miss said taco party. If you guys have another get together, let me know!

  4. I’ll be thereeeeeee! And don’t want to miss you this year! What is this taco party!?! Also, Ariat is having our grand opening of our second brand store in Lexington that weekend!! You and Amanda will have to check it out!

  5. Cool idea to rent an RV. We’ve thought about camping, but OMG it’s been such a muddy mess every year we’ve gone. And RV would certainly solve that.

  6. I’m going to Rolex, but not flying in until Thursday night (boo, work-being the boss sucks sometimes). So I’ll miss said taco party. If you guys have another get together, let me know!

  7. So far (fingers crossed) it looks like were going to have a crappy few days here then its supposed to be in the 80s-maybe even 90s- for Rolex. That will probably bring afternoon storms, but Ill take it over the downpours of the last few years!

  8. I’m late to the comments, but I won’t be late to the TACO PARTY! (well, hopefully not…. hahaha). Can’t wait!

  9. Cool!! I wish I could join you guys at Rolex. I camped at the KHP during a horse show before and I loved getting to walk to the show past the XC each morning. =-)