Kaitlyn Karssen Photography: Houston B

Months ago a friend shared a promotion that this photographer she knew was running for equine portraits. I figured it wouldn’t be feasible to get the photographer to Nashville but wanted to reach out anyways. Turns out there were a ton of us that wanted to get pictures done and before I knew it photo shoot day had arrived!

Houston was up first and was a acting a little feral… I was a bit anxious about how his photos would turn out and I can’t say enough about how trilled I am with the end result. Thank you Kaitlyn Karssen Photography for the wonderful shots of my boy! I love how well she captured his personality while showing off his good looks – yes I am a bit biased! I cannot wait to see the pictures she got of the girls! I would highly recommend Kaitlyn to any of my friends considering having professional shots of their horses done. Now I will let the images speak for themselves!

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  1. Gorgeous!! These black background shots seem to be all the rage these days. I can see why, so pretty!

  2. Lovvvvve the black background shots! I desperately need to get some done of my horses 😍 these are amazing!

    1. I really love mine. I am sure that anyone with photoshop skills can do something similar. I really appreciated this girls eye though and would totally do it again. Cant wait to see how my other creatures pics turned out.